Who Killed Aarushi Talwar?


Aarushi talwar

It seems everyone in the media knows who killed Aarushi Talwar. I also thought of hopping on the bandwagon and put my two cents in. Yes, the killer of Aarushi Talwar, the 14 year old teenager found dead in her Noida home, goes by the name of TRP (Television Rating Point) and sometimes by sleazy journalism.

Well, it definitely helps your TRP when you imply that the murdered girl was nothing but a slut and was having an affair with 2 boys from her school and her servant Hemraj (who was also found murdered). One particular news channel was so hell-bent on winning in the TRP race that it had even aired an obscene MMS of Aarushi which showed her undressing in front of a young man. But I think they got so busy calculating their TRPs that they forgot to mask the girl’s face and …the girl was definitely not Aarushi.

If I remember correctly a few days after the murder, one of the UP police officials had even said that the girl was as “characterless” as her father. Now, here comes another tale that Aarushi was upset with her father’s affair with another doctor and so she indulged in an affair with Hemraj.

The press conference was definitely a fodder for the media. Suddenly this tragic case turned into a filmi drama that had dose of thriller, lust, sex, erosion of family values, illegitimate affairs and what not! Sorry had forgotten to include honor killing in the list.

What struck me the most was the immediate reactions of the TV channels after the press conference of the UP police officials… practically every TV channel ran a show on Aarushi and her dysfunctional family. The TV talk shows on Aarushi case revolved around issues like : do you think the father and daughter had an incestuous relationship? Or were the couple involved in a wife-swapping club? And probably Aarushi knew about it and the couple killed their daughter! There were rumors that Nupur Talwar was involved in the murder because she was not Aarushi’s biological mother!!

Please…what are we discussing here and why? Did the CBI mention all these strange and weird “facts” in its report? Or is it the media deliberately making these baseless stories so that the case is filled with all the filmy masala!

The Aarushi murder case became a favorite topic amongst the sab jannewalas and media waalas claiming to fight for Aarushi so that she gets justice! And this is the way they are planning to give her justice:

BTW this is the opening paragraph of the write-up (sex sells big time!)

A disturbing sexual angle has emerged in the murder of Aarushi Talwar, 14. Crucial facts left out from her post-mortem report suggest that her private parts were “extraordinarily dilated”. But there were no signs of rape. These facts, established by the CBI after they questioned the doctor who performed the post-mortem, give a new twist to the case.”The vaginal orifice of the deceased was unduly large and mouth of cervix was visible,” says the CBI’s closure report.

There were some nuts who even said that the parents didn’t look devastated at all after the murder and even when CBI recently decided to close the case they looked happy. Oh yeah… the mother didn’t cry like Tulsi, there was no drama …she didn’t run in the streets crying “meri beti ko maar daala”. Nupur Talwar should have hired a make- up artist and even got herself some dialogues written from the creative heads of the TV serials!!

Even Charles Sobhraj got a chance to share hisgyaan on murder and crime by offering tips to solve the case.

We Indians love to give opinions be that- how to lift toilet seats or Quantum entanglement and Bohr’s electron model. Check out this thread and you will find that our country has many Sherlock Holmes. I think in this case being Holmes was simpler and easier as our detective junta had to just prove how big whore the dead girl was…and she couldn’t defend herself, she couldn’t probably scream from her grave  “I am as innocent as your sister or daughter is”. What punishment does the court of law give to those who  at their own leisure time dissect a dead minor’s character? None, I guess!

You know it makes me ponder what kind of world I am living in. People are beastly here; they would drive in their cars in hordes to witness public execution (if it were still allowed) and TV cameras rolling and capturing every bit of it. And yes after the execution the reporters will jump in with questions like: “Aapko kaisa lag raha hay public execution dekh kar?” And a major number of channels won’t shy away from taking the credit: “XYZ NEWS influence- Public Execution of the Killer.”

Just think about it: If it weren’t Aarushi but some Aarush who was found murdered in his room. In that case I wonder if the media would have even bothered to cover it? It would have been another drab story with no potential of fetching them a good TRP.

The story of the father-mother duo killing their pretty daughter has another vantage point – Just imagine an upper middle class family, an educated and sophisticated one, can commit  a heinous crime of murdering their daughter is a plot that is sure to hit the bull’s eye. And what kind of TRPs you expect when you show Hemraj’s friend sneaking into the house, getting into a fight with the servant and killing him and Aarushi witnessing it and getting killed? It’s an Ok kinda plot but not as sensational as the father and mother duo killing the servant and the daughter!!

Today the Talwars have been named as the accused by an SJM, what do you think the next course of action these TV channel waalas will take? May be a trial on TV – “Aarushi ko insaaf dilayie, sms kijie aur hume batayie ki Talwar dampati ko kya saja milni chahiye?” And I am sure they will love the rising TRPs!


Updated on 11 April 2012 – A special CBI court in Ghaziabad today issued a non-bailable warrant (NBW) against
Nupur Talwar, Aarushi’s mother, for failing to make an appearance in the court during hearing of the case. The CBI carried out searches where the Talwars reside but could not find Nupur Talwar. CBI says Nupur Talwar is absconding.

The judge has fixed April 18 as the next date of hearing and directed that Nupur Talwar be produced before court on April 18.

BTW Nupur Talwar wasn’t absconding – “We (CBI) were well-aware of her movements on Thursday. If we wanted to arrest her, we could have done it. But, in wake of her appeal before the SC we did not do so,” additional solicitor general Harin Rawal told a bench of Justices AK Patnaik and JS Kehar.  If they knew about her whereabouts then why did the CBI team wearing new jackets visit her house to search her and then say she was absconding!!

Updated on 14 April 2012 – CBI on Friday told the Supreme Court that it will not arrest Dr Nupur Talwar in the Aarushi murder case as long as her special leave petition is pending before the court. Relief for Nupur Talwar!

Updated on 30 April 2012  – Nupur Talwar has to spend jail tonight after a special CBI court rejected her bail plea. The additional district judge will hear her bail plea tomorrow.

After the  special CBI court  rejected her bail plea she was taken under judicial custody immediately. Nupur Talwar waited in Special Judge Preeti Singh’s court the entire day while her lawyers pleaded with the District and Sessions Judge Bharat Bhushan to hear an application for a regular bail.

Judge Bharat Bhushan in turn referred the matter to Additional District and Sessions Judge Shayamlal before whom the petition came up in the post-lunch session. Mr Shyamlal after hearing the arguments of both the sides reserved the order till late in the evening when he rejected her plea for interim bail and posted the application for regular bail for hearing tomorrow.

Updated on 2May 2012 – Ghaziabad sessions court rejected Nupur Talwar’s bail plea on Wednesday.  She will remain in Dasna jail. Her lawyers have moved the Supreme Court seeking bail in the case of the murder of Aarushi and Hemraj.

Updated on May 24 2012 – A special Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) court in Ghaziabad  charged Rajesh Talwar and Nupur Talwar with the murders Aarushi and domestic help Hemraj. Special CBI judge S Lal ruled that the Talwars were
charged with the crime under sections 302/34 (murder with common intention) and 201/34 (destruction of evidence with common intention). Dr. Rajesh Talwar was also charged with 203/34 (misleading police about the crime with common intent).


  • Very good article. I actually feel the parents are innocent and thats after reading Tehelka’s article. Before that I too had started thinking the parents had done it after numerous media reports showing things about the family which was untrue. Please read the article on Tehelka and you will understand they were a loving close family and not all like how media has portrayed them.

  • One particular Channel is making all the efforts to prove Tlawars guilty…any guesses!

  • I agree with the writer of this article that media had a field day in Aarushi murder case. Its not fair to blame the parents left n right, but still there are so many unanswered questions which can be answered only by them. They may or may not be the culprits but there is something they are hiding for some good reason ,it could be for family honour’s sake or their departed daughter’s sake.I wish they get the courage to come out with that in open and help Aarushi to rest in peace.

  • really, the article is nice and i think that media should play their role very cautiously specially in this kind of matter, in which victim could not confront even for herself. May god give peace to her soul and courage to her family to face this hard time.

  • Thanks Aaliya…I read the article, also watched Shoma Chaduhury’s interview at CNN IBN re the case.

  • @ neha: Thanks for liking the post. A few days back I watched a show at CNN IBN where Rebecca John and Shoma chaudhary of Tehelka where sharing their thoughts on the case, I Culdnt find it on you tube or else would have shared it with you. There have been many theories re the case and one of them being the Talwars hiding something. But even after brain mapping, narco tests and lie detector tests the there were no concrete evidence against them!

  • @ Sandhya: thanks for liking the post.
    Undoubtedly it’s a tough time for the parents. May god give them courage.

  • A cat in my vicinity,went out to bring food for her cubs,but when she came back she could not found her cubs.daily she wept and searched her cubs,it went for more then 10 days.she was not even accepting food from us.we were also sad for the event,but she was not concerned with our sorrow.If our sorrow was a bucket of water then her sorrow was full sea. In case of talwars(both,,,,SORRY whole family)their sorrow is equivalent to a drop of water or even less.They are not ashamed that they kept on sleeping in the house and someone killed the minor girl under their parentship,across a plyboard.They should stop calling themself a parent.How they can be good doctors.

  • i think there might be person who promised hemraj the servent of aarushi to give some maney so he wiil kill her but the person did not wanted to give the servent money so kill him too

  • @ b.m doda: Talwars slept through the night because they were not aware of what was happening in the other room. Unlike some of the newspapers which are running the story that the partition between the adjacent rooms was of plywood, the common wall was actually a brick wall. And CBI had earlier conducted a sound reconstruction and had concluded that with the AC on the sound from aarushi’s room could not be heard in her parent’s room.
    And this is not something that is unbelievable. It happens with me too! I can’t hear the door bell when the AC is on.

  • hey guys temme who s d killer in this case????????????and send me d link to read the full story behind this murder….

  • Good aartical.but my question is when aarushi get Justice.

  • Dr. Rajesh Talwar and Nupur, the parents Are not killers

    CBI is investigating the Arushi, Hemraj murder case without success because they are sure that doctor Rajesh and Nupur Talwar are the murderers of their only daughter.
    I request you to enquire if CBI had suspected Hemraj as a homosexual and developed some theory accordingly. I have watched most programmes on Aarushi, Hemraj murder mystery on TV but till now I have not come across a debate where Hemraj’s sexuality is questioned.
    Until now no one has suspected whether Hemraj was homosexual but you treat him as a homosexual and you get all the answers to this 3 year old mystery.
    I have a theory that is based on his sexuality. I suspect Hemraj Banjade was a homosexual person who always tried to attract new youths in the locality. He used to lure the youths to come on the terrace after midnight when Talwar family is fast asleep.
    He used to sleep on the terrace. Many times he kept his mattress on the terrace.
    I also suspect that Krishna, Rajkumar and many others knew that Hemraj was homosexual and many of them must have reached Talwar family’s terrace many times to seek sex pleasure that Hemraj was only eager to give.
    But one day Krishna’s one acquaintance came to Noida and met Krishna. In no time the New Comer came to know about Hemraj.
    Hemraj also, quick to know about the New Comer, lured him to Talwar’s terrace in the night.
    According to me this new comer has murdered Aarushi and Hemraj because the fingerprints found at three different places [Talwar’s house, Talwar’s terrace and Krishna’s bed] belongs to one person and that person is not identified yet. The way he murdered them he must be very violent and cold blooded nature.
    On 16 May 2008, past 12.00 in the night, the New Comer knocked on the terrace door of the Talwar family, as a signal to Hemraj. Hemraj was in the talwar’s home waiting for the same. He climbed the staircase, opened the door and both of them went to the mattress already laid on the terrace. After this New Comer didn’t go away as every other one used to go. He wanted something that was in the house and Hemraj would not let him go inside the house at any cost. He wanted whisky. Hemraj objected to New Comer’s demand. They quarreled silently. But ultimately New Comer entered the house and came down the staircase. Hemraj objected to everything he did in silence.
    It was past 2.30 am, and Aarushi was still awake in her bedroom, stuck to her computer. She heard something and she came out and murder took place.
    When Aarushi saw Hemraj with the unknown person, she was not frightened. Instead she inquired about the intruder. Hemraj abused the New Comer as a thief or something. Neither Aarushi nor Hemraj knew how reckless and violent this New Comer would get.
    With no reason to be there, the New Comer felt that this could lead him in hands of police. And that was the last thing he wanted because of his past crimes. So he hit Aarushi’s head with hard object. Violent persons can find their weapons instantly. He also hit Hemraj on the head. Aarushi and Hemraj fell unconscious.
    If they are not dead and regain consciousness they would tell his name and then he was done for. But if he kills them for certain, no one would know who killed them because no one knew that he had met Hemraj. Until now he has been successful in avoiding his arrest for the crimes he had committed and certainly he was not going to be caught for the crime he has not committed. The New Comer’s brain has a habit of simplifying the problem.
    He didn’t rush the things. He was cold blooded. He found whisky. He drank enough of it.
    Then he took Aarushi to her bed and sat with her for some time. He didn’t rape her body for no reason. He slit her throat with khukri.
    He then took Hemraj upstairs and on the terrace. He placed him on his mattress and then slit his throat.
    He then came on the terrace. He closed the door from outside or he did not but then he fled far away.
    One other angle is this. When New Comer and Hemraj were on the terrace, Hemraj fell asleep for a while. New Comer saw this as an opportunity to enter the house and came down in search of whisky. At this moment Aarushi came out of her bedroom and New Comer hit her. At this moment Hemraj came down. New Comer hit Hemraj also. Aarushi and Hemraj became unconscious. He drank enough whisky. He slit Aarushi’s throat, took Hemraj on the terrace on the mattress, slit his throat and fled.
    This is my theory.

  • I think some evidence , has been left untouched.
    Parents are not real killer. But they are hiding and eliminated some evidence , which i could say as “Fatal mistake”
    Can anybody help me to get email address of Talwar`s lawyer Rebecca John

  • Hi uday yadav I think you are the biggest gay detective and has lot of unthinkable imaginations. The parents are the real killers and it is so simple.


  • Wow! It amazes me to see how blatantly you called the dead girl a slut… according to you she was having an affair with 2 or more guys and her servant as well, now from where did you get this info. did you know her? Or the news channels brain washed you! Anyways your credibility still remains doubtful as you have used a fake name to comment and bash the dead girl. Shows you are a coward!

  • Well, I liked your article. I am from NOIDA and that Doctor family and Durani family is distantly known to us. It should not surprise you that actually there are Wife swap/partner exchange cases among that section of the society and we heard it before the murder as well.

  • Vibs …
    Is it possible if you explain it a little more ..

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  • I wish i could fuck that bitch

  • james go and f…k your sis. you bastrad

  • Tapasi Malik and Aarushi Talwar, is there any similarity? Aarushi was victim by her father, because of her immoral relationship with a servant. She is a victim of honor elimination. Is Tapasi another victim of honor protection?

  • I really don’t know what to think about the whole story behind the murder, but I agree that everyone who has the power to do something about this crime is forgetting the most important thing: this was a little 14 year-old child and a young man who got brutally slaughtered, by what I’ve seen in TV reports. It doesn’t matter if they had an affair, if they had orgies on the terrace, if the whole family liked to “swing”! I’m not from India and the way your authorities handle forensic evidence and crime scenes is absolutely barbaric and that leaves no wonder in my brain why no one still knows who commited that awful crime! I saw a dead woman poked with a stick out of a suitcase and a young girl’s body carried on a forensic official’s shoulder. I saw officers and detectives don’t really use gloves, they neglect crucial evidence, missplace DNA samples and contaminate crime scenes in every possible way. I also saw all that on your national TV channels and that people in India don’t really have a problem with dead bodies! I guess you have a major problem though – with security and justice! I’d really like to see that change for the sake of our sanity!

    by the way, the whole homosexual theory was soooooo weak at a few moments it really made no sense at all. I’d suggest to whoever wrote it to pick a different hobby… I simply can’t imagine a drunk gay guy moving unconscious bodies up and down a staircase, slaughtering them, nobody screams or makes a single noise to wake up the other residents of the house, BEFORE the solicitor knocked them unconscious… and why do they say in that official police report of the post mortem that she wasn’t raped, when what they described was the aftermath of a rape?! too many people getting a diploma for nothing and land important jobs? is that the case? that would explain the lack of knowledge on how to process present information!

  • i m still shocked that it is almost 3years but the case isn’t solved??????????????

  • rightly said refince… its appalling that the judiciary system of our country most of the time fails the victims .

  • Some say that no decent person would make politics her/his career. I think the same can be said of journalism in India. British tabloids are perhaps equally bad. But at least there is a English Defamation Law to keep those journalists in check. A case in point is the closure of the News of the World. But in India…it is the “sab chalta hai” attitude that we carry as a badge of honor which leads us to permit, say Indian media, to run amuck. Well, tolerating that attitude just comes back to bite us. It is really sad to see the things written/said/shown by the Indian media. Those particular journalists and their editors have no spine. Shame on them and shame on those of us who think “sab chalta hai” is well, just fine.

  • @ Subba – this is a perfect case of media’s obsession to create a story when there’s no story…the story of honor killing, the story of wife swapping, the story of incest relationships and wat not!

  • Guys, whatever, is the reason of murder, that Mr and Mrs Talwar know that and they are trying to hide it. And in only case it has to be hidden is that they have done some socailly-prohibitted crime which Arushi knew. That is it.no bull shit, no theory making. From Nepal.

  • seems to go against the wind is also trying to earn those TRP’s , how could this writer be so sure that everything has been done to make the talwar couple guilty. 4 ppl in the house 2 get killed and 2 say they don’t now nothing. isn’t this crazy enough and just see the ay they r using out joker judiciary to get tarik pe tarik. they will get this case shifted to delhi to some favorable judge bench and drag it as far as ppl can forget it. and then finally justice done release the parents and start looking for the non exist killer.

  • I think aarushi parents had killed both of them because based on investigation a whitish liquid discharge was present in aarushi uterus and no sign of rape was found .So it is clear that aarushi and hemraj were doing sex with mutual understanding and his father might have caught aarushi and hemraj while doing the sex and his father might have a SCUFFLE with hemraj and in that SCUFFLE hemraj have been killed unknowingly and aarushi might have seen the killing of hemraj and might be calling police so due to which she was also been killed as Delhi Police said on 18 may 2008 murder is committed by a doctor or a butcher according to postmortem report and there was use of two types of weapons during assault/murder: with one weapon being a heavy blunt weapon and the other being very sharp and light instrument so it is clear that the murder is done by a Doctor and the doctor was his father Mr.rajesh talwar and mother is also involved in this and one more thing as aarushi bed was only 7 meters away from their parents bed so this is a case of double murder 2 murder hue and unhe kuch pata bhi nhi chala itni pass hoke its clear that ITS A CASE OF “HONOR KILLING” THAT’S ALL AND DUE TO LACK OF EVIDENCE DELHI POLICE HAS NOT SOLVE THE CASE TILL NOW AND DELHI POLICE HAS ALSO MIGHT HAVE CHARGED A CASE ON TALWAR DAMPATTI FOR DESTRUCTION OF EVIDENCE WHEN THEIR SERVENTS CLEANED THE BLOOD FLOOR AND BLOOD BEDSHEETS . DELHI POLICE SHOULD HAVE BEEN CHARGED IPC ACT FOR DESTRUCTION OF EVIDENCE ON TALWAR DAMPATTI BUT POLICE HAD NOT DONE SO IN THE CASE .

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  • sudeepkumarbehera

    Layng on bed and leaving suggestion is very easy but to find out the main murderer is very difficult…arushi ko insaaf zarur mil sakti hai agar hum sab milkar strike karein aur hamare govt ko force karein ki murderer ko saamne laya jae..dkhena kuch dino mein murderer kaise nahi pakda jata?aj jo arushi ke sath hua kal woh hamare sath v ho sakta hai..arushi humare wajah se aj usko aj justice nhi mili..shame on us..koi v arushi ko nyay dilwane ke liye agar mera sath dena chahata hai toh plz aao…

  • sudeepkumarbehera

    She was just 14guys…itna toh socho! Hamara law and order itna weak hai ki woh ek murder case tak solve nhi kar paya..aisa system se aur kya umeed ki ja sakti hai?yh hamari kya protectn karega?n do hell with d news channels jo apne TRPs badhane ke liye ek baachi ko v blame kar sakte hain..guys haath jodta hun arushi ko nyay dilwane me mera sath do please.

  • right. we shouldn’t be so prejudiced, i mean how do we even know that it was an honour killing or dr talwar was having an affair with his colleague and aarushi found out so he murdered her, to me it sounds vague

  • I am 100% sure parents are not the killers. I suspect one of the male servants. Sad that the parents did not even get a minute to mourn the death of the daughter. What amazes me is that one of the servants even confessed to the crime but later retracted from his statements. Well no matter what I am pretty convinced about the parents not being the killers. If they are then I would lose faith in myself

  • I am absolutely confident that the parents cannot be the killers, and the actual killer may be the son of a high profile politician and hence the Talwars may be afraid of mentioning the name even if they happpen to know him. Due to media error the actual culprit has escaped and the CBI will never apprehend him. This is really sad for the parents who lost their daughter.

  • Hi! Thanks for writing such a nice article. What enrages me most of all is the fact that the police absolutely failed in gathering the crucial evidence that would have solved the murders.If the parents murdered Aarushi,they will get away because they are rich and influencial and there is no actual evidence against them.If others did it,the police is too incompetent in catching them.There are so many loopholes and unanswered questions.What saddens me more is the fact that even if Mr and Mrs Talwar didn’t actually commit the murder,they still managed to sleep through the night without knowing what was happening in the room next to them.Somebody entered their flat,killed their daughter after molesting(possibly) her,got into a fight with their servant,killed him and dragged his body to the terrace,drank whiskey and ran away,and they slept through it.I seriously don’t know how to feel about it.A young girl,full of hopes and aspirations got murdered.And an innocent man died.And nothing has been done so far.

    Thank You

  • Hi Mimi! Thanks for liking the article. Re Talwars not listening to the noises being made at Arushi’s room – CBI had carried out a drill to prove that it was possible for the Talwar couple not to have heard the commotion because of the noisy air conditioner.

  • No one knows till today who killed Hemraj & Aarushi. Now that the case is likely to proceed, one needs to wait and see. Kindly take some of your time to read the following observations of mine @:
    http://www.oddee.com/contrib_13481.aspx & @: http://www.facebook.com/gatjustice

  • shocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but stil waiting for the results bt i think whtevr be the decision it wil nt count anymore as aarushi is dead now.

  • Hi,

    Just put their parents together in the cell..

    Use hidden cameras and microphone to listen their talk for fastern the case..

    Sure we will get a reply and clofi this case as all are waiting for that culprit..

  • generally around 14 yrs of age most of girls are very curious about sexual activities. the emotions shown by talwar couple after their daughter death or after them being accused their silence depicts them guilty.
    i see circumstance evidence against the talwars.

  • Hemraj ka baya

    Which parents will keep quite after seeing their daughter getting F***ed by another guy. Especially a older married guy like Hemraj.

    If they had seen their daughter having sex with a classmate, they might have forgiven. But Hemraj is a very old guy.

    She wanted to have sex. During sex nothing matters; sex first anything else is last. LOl!

  • Abhi can blame media for TRP, ordinary citizens like myself for acting like a Sherlock Holmes, judges for being insensitive to grieving parents, UP police for their bluntness and non-professionalism, CBI for first sympathizing with parents and then taking a U turn to declare them the prime suspects. She is blaming everybody except the parents. Rajesh Talwar was not grieving at all on the morning after the murder, he was walking around the house and he was focused on destroying the evidences. A truely grieving father’s legs would be shaking and he would sit in a corner of a room unable to walk with a blank expression in his face. Maybe his eyes are full of tears. The most truthful statement comes from the CBI — Only the parents could have done that. Abhi please wake up and smell the coffee ….

  • Hey Samir! How do you know I am not blaming the parents? Yes, I am not coming up with stupid + lame stories. I am not someone to give judgment on Talwars – bcoz i don’t know them and I don’t have any proof that the incest + wife swapping theories are correct. The matter is before the court…let the verdict come before that let’s not blame anyone. Most of the people on web have already passed their judgement tat Arushi was having sexual rel with hemraj + diff boyfriends and hence it was an honour killing!!! Do you agree with tat?

    “Rajesh Talwar was not grieving at all on the morning after the murder, he was walking around the house and he was focused on destroying the evidences.” – how do you this? Just asking!!! Were you present when Mr Talwar was roaming around the house destroying the evidence????????????

  • Indisputable fact 1: Aarushi’s vaginal swab got changed by somebody somewhere, most probably in the hospital.

    Somebody who had enough influence, would have got it done. Most probably a family member of Talwar’s extended family or the parents themselves got it done. Why? To me this swapping of the swab indicates that it was an honour killing that went terribly wrong. Aarushi was accidentally killed.

    Indisputable fact 2: Within few hours after Aarushi’s body was taken for the postmortem, Talwars got her room thoroughly cleaned.

    Why? A mourning and grieving parents were ultra efficient when it came to the destroying of evidences. Is this how somebody mourns? I was not present at the Talwars residence but those who were present described Rajesh Talwar as pacing from room to room …. to me this is a strange behaviour from a supposedly grieving person.

  • I must say that the conspiracy theorists got a li’l angry with your blog post. They obviously wanted you to write about Aarushi’s bad character, her affairs , her dad’s incest relationship with her, her relationship with Hemraj, her mom’s relationship with Hemraj, her dad’s relationship with some lady doctor. But sadly you didn’t write any of those.

  • The trial is not about media or how it has handled Aarushi’s case. This trial is not about the police or the CBI investigation. This trial is about Rajesh and Nupur Talwar and if, how, why they killed Aarushi. It is about the evidences against them and the question is how strong the evidences are and how creditworthy the evidences are. Are the parents innocent or guilty?

    When IGP gave press conference and used harsh words for Rajesh and Aarushi, it created a huge wave of sympathy and resulted favourably for Rajesh as he was almost given clean chit by the CBI. Maybe team Talwar is trying to repeat the same, and this time it is not IGP but the Media. It is sufficient to say that the media has violated the dignity of a dead child …. one need not quote and reproduce the degrading words. This is the only blog where one can read all those lurid details and graphic description.

    People like myself, who want justice for Aarushi NEVER describe her in the manner that the author did. I wonder if this is a paid blog aiming to generate sympthy for the Talwars?

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