Who Killed Aarushi Talwar?


Aarushi talwar

It seems everyone in the media knows who killed Aarushi Talwar. I also thought of hopping on the bandwagon and put my two cents in. Yes, the killer of Aarushi Talwar, the 14 year old teenager found dead in her Noida home, goes by the name of TRP (Television Rating Point) and sometimes by sleazy journalism.

Well, it definitely helps your TRP when you imply that the murdered girl was nothing but a slut and was having an affair with 2 boys from her school and her servant Hemraj (who was also found murdered). One particular news channel was so hell-bent on winning in the TRP race that it had even aired an obscene MMS of Aarushi which showed her undressing in front of a young man. But I think they got so busy calculating their TRPs that they forgot to mask the girl’s face and …the girl was definitely not Aarushi.

If I remember correctly a few days after the murder, one of the UP police officials had even said that the girl was as “characterless” as her father. Now, here comes another tale that Aarushi was upset with her father’s affair with another doctor and so she indulged in an affair with Hemraj.

The press conference was definitely a fodder for the media. Suddenly this tragic case turned into a filmi drama that had dose of thriller, lust, sex, erosion of family values, illegitimate affairs and what not! Sorry had forgotten to include honor killing in the list.

What struck me the most was the immediate reactions of the TV channels after the press conference of the UP police officials… practically every TV channel ran a show on Aarushi and her dysfunctional family. The TV talk shows on Aarushi case revolved around issues like : do you think the father and daughter had an incestuous relationship? Or were the couple involved in a wife-swapping club? And probably Aarushi knew about it and the couple killed their daughter! There were rumors that Nupur Talwar was involved in the murder because she was not Aarushi’s biological mother!!

Please…what are we discussing here and why? Did the CBI mention all these strange and weird “facts” in its report? Or is it the media deliberately making these baseless stories so that the case is filled with all the filmy masala!

The Aarushi murder case became a favorite topic amongst the sab jannewalas and media waalas claiming to fight for Aarushi so that she gets justice! And this is the way they are planning to give her justice:

BTW this is the opening paragraph of the write-up (sex sells big time!)

A disturbing sexual angle has emerged in the murder of Aarushi Talwar, 14. Crucial facts left out from her post-mortem report suggest that her private parts were “extraordinarily dilated”. But there were no signs of rape. These facts, established by the CBI after they questioned the doctor who performed the post-mortem, give a new twist to the case.”The vaginal orifice of the deceased was unduly large and mouth of cervix was visible,” says the CBI’s closure report.

There were some nuts who even said that the parents didn’t look devastated at all after the murder and even when CBI recently decided to close the case they looked happy. Oh yeah… the mother didn’t cry like Tulsi, there was no drama …she didn’t run in the streets crying “meri beti ko maar daala”. Nupur Talwar should have hired a make- up artist and even got herself some dialogues written from the creative heads of the TV serials!!

Even Charles Sobhraj got a chance to share hisgyaan on murder and crime by offering tips to solve the case.

We Indians love to give opinions be that- how to lift toilet seats or Quantum entanglement and Bohr’s electron model. Check out this thread and you will find that our country has many Sherlock Holmes. I think in this case being Holmes was simpler and easier as our detective junta had to just prove how big whore the dead girl was…and she couldn’t defend herself, she couldn’t probably scream from her grave  “I am as innocent as your sister or daughter is”. What punishment does the court of law give to those who  at their own leisure time dissect a dead minor’s character? None, I guess!

You know it makes me ponder what kind of world I am living in. People are beastly here; they would drive in their cars in hordes to witness public execution (if it were still allowed) and TV cameras rolling and capturing every bit of it. And yes after the execution the reporters will jump in with questions like: “Aapko kaisa lag raha hay public execution dekh kar?” And a major number of channels won’t shy away from taking the credit: “XYZ NEWS influence- Public Execution of the Killer.”

Just think about it: If it weren’t Aarushi but some Aarush who was found murdered in his room. In that case I wonder if the media would have even bothered to cover it? It would have been another drab story with no potential of fetching them a good TRP.

The story of the father-mother duo killing their pretty daughter has another vantage point – Just imagine an upper middle class family, an educated and sophisticated one, can commit  a heinous crime of murdering their daughter is a plot that is sure to hit the bull’s eye. And what kind of TRPs you expect when you show Hemraj’s friend sneaking into the house, getting into a fight with the servant and killing him and Aarushi witnessing it and getting killed? It’s an Ok kinda plot but not as sensational as the father and mother duo killing the servant and the daughter!!

Today the Talwars have been named as the accused by an SJM, what do you think the next course of action these TV channel waalas will take? May be a trial on TV – “Aarushi ko insaaf dilayie, sms kijie aur hume batayie ki Talwar dampati ko kya saja milni chahiye?” And I am sure they will love the rising TRPs!


Updated on 11 April 2012 – A special CBI court in Ghaziabad today issued a non-bailable warrant (NBW) against
Nupur Talwar, Aarushi’s mother, for failing to make an appearance in the court during hearing of the case. The CBI carried out searches where the Talwars reside but could not find Nupur Talwar. CBI says Nupur Talwar is absconding.

The judge has fixed April 18 as the next date of hearing and directed that Nupur Talwar be produced before court on April 18.

BTW Nupur Talwar wasn’t absconding – “We (CBI) were well-aware of her movements on Thursday. If we wanted to arrest her, we could have done it. But, in wake of her appeal before the SC we did not do so,” additional solicitor general Harin Rawal told a bench of Justices AK Patnaik and JS Kehar.  If they knew about her whereabouts then why did the CBI team wearing new jackets visit her house to search her and then say she was absconding!!

Updated on 14 April 2012 – CBI on Friday told the Supreme Court that it will not arrest Dr Nupur Talwar in the Aarushi murder case as long as her special leave petition is pending before the court. Relief for Nupur Talwar!

Updated on 30 April 2012  – Nupur Talwar has to spend jail tonight after a special CBI court rejected her bail plea. The additional district judge will hear her bail plea tomorrow.

After the  special CBI court  rejected her bail plea she was taken under judicial custody immediately. Nupur Talwar waited in Special Judge Preeti Singh’s court the entire day while her lawyers pleaded with the District and Sessions Judge Bharat Bhushan to hear an application for a regular bail.

Judge Bharat Bhushan in turn referred the matter to Additional District and Sessions Judge Shayamlal before whom the petition came up in the post-lunch session. Mr Shyamlal after hearing the arguments of both the sides reserved the order till late in the evening when he rejected her plea for interim bail and posted the application for regular bail for hearing tomorrow.

Updated on 2May 2012 – Ghaziabad sessions court rejected Nupur Talwar’s bail plea on Wednesday.  She will remain in Dasna jail. Her lawyers have moved the Supreme Court seeking bail in the case of the murder of Aarushi and Hemraj.

Updated on May 24 2012 – A special Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) court in Ghaziabad  charged Rajesh Talwar and Nupur Talwar with the murders Aarushi and domestic help Hemraj. Special CBI judge S Lal ruled that the Talwars were
charged with the crime under sections 302/34 (murder with common intention) and 201/34 (destruction of evidence with common intention). Dr. Rajesh Talwar was also charged with 203/34 (misleading police about the crime with common intent).


  • I read somewhere that Hemraj was gay. His male friend came to visit him and something happened & they fought bitterly. In rage that friend killed Hemraj & Aarushi saw it and thus was killed. The police should dig deeper into Hemraj’s life. The killer is related to Hemraj.

  • very sad state of affairs. i know the doctor couple n they are not the killers. how can any parent kill their only daughter. n mind you they were doting parents n arushi was a happy child.

  • want justice for aarushi, want justice for the guawahati girl, want justice for sonali bose, want justice for aruna who is now in vegetative state. as a woman my head hangs in shame when i see such incidents 🙁

  • i think aarushi had physical relations with hemraj many times. hemraj must have boasted about this affair to his friends as males have a habit like that. then his friends must have requested him to let them have fun with aarushi too & plannned for that night. rest is scuffle that followed between them leading to gory night of 15/16 may’08.

  • talwars r just paying the price for the follies committed un-intentionally to hide suspected rape of their daughter.

  • Talwars are paying the price for their lack of wisdom and false belief that they can easily get away with murder. They had a false belief that they can manipulate the system and manipulate the media with the help of their powerful friends. They should have watched the movie God Father, where somebody says – – – “Murder is VERY expensive”. Only foolish people kill, there are thousands of ways to handle things no matter how grave they are.

    Till this day they do not seem to realize that killing someone or getting someone killed is one and the same thing. At best, Hemraj could not have been killed without active participation of the Talwars, and Aarushi was the collateral damage. At worst, in a fit of rage, Rajesh killed Hemraj and Aarushi was accidentally killed. There was no forced entry and evidences were dressed up to hide the killer or erase the motive.

    They went to great depth to erase the physical evidences by cleaning Aarushi’s room, changing Aarushi’s vaginal swab at the hospital, influencing the post-mortem report. They under-estimated the circumstantial evidences. Even the worst criminal in the world will NOT implicate innocents to save their own skin. They will try to evade the law on their own but will never implicate innocents. Here is Rajesh Talwar, knowing fully well that the servants are innocents, actively campaigning to send them to gallows for crime he committed.

  • dear thapa, can u explain the reason why talwars killed hemraj.

  • Dear Anon,
    Let us hope that the reason i.e. the motive comes out in the trial. We do not want to have conjectures or speculations, we want nothing but the truth or something very very close to the truth. We should not be speculating. We should ensure that 1. It is a fair trial for Rajesh and Nupur 2. The truth comes out in the trial 3. Neither defence nor prosecution manipulate the media .

    Let us pray for justice for Aarushi.

  • thanx for a very balanced reply dear thapa but even judiciary is helpless for such a hopeless case. i have absolutely no hope!

  • one thing really puzzles! right since murders, neither talwars nor police tried to search the real killers.

  • dear sameer thapa, if talwars were so smart killers, they could have kept it a secret for one more day & disposed off bodies without knowledge of anybody.

  • How could they do that? The house was surrounded by media 24 hrs a day.

  • Another reason is that they wanted a proper cremation for Aarushi as per Hindu rituals no matter what. Aarushi was very beloved child and somehow got killled accidently. Something that bothers me is that Dinesh Talwar was originally not supposed to go to Haridwar, then after Hemraj’s body was found he went to Haridwar with the parents. To me, it appears as a lie that Dinesh would not plan go to Haridwar for his beloved neice. All along there was a plan for him to go Haridwar.

  • dear thapa, i said if smart talwars kept aarushi murder a secret, there would have ben no media presence at all. it was only bcoz it was a ‘tamasha’ for all whether sabziwala, doodhwala, neighbours…….. etc. reg hemraj, he was not an innocent at all. i am sure he was killed on the terrace & not inside talwars flat but by whom, i can’t say.

  • How could Talwars have kept Aarushi murder a secret, if they intended to give a proper cremation to their beloved daughter? How can he make his daughter disappear with his servant without his relatives, family members, neighbours, daughter’s classmates questioning the disappearance? I think the Talwars lack basic wisdom, even if they think that they are smart. Let us not speculate where Hemraj was killed, but as there were no outsiders there was no reason for him to be on terrace.

  • ok agreed talwars wanted to cremate aarushi with hindu rituals. but what about hemraj’s body? any answers! my dear, hemraj was killed by persons who were not bothered at all about his cremation.

  • talwars were not such big fools to keep hemraj’s body on the terrace under scorching heat of 45’C in May.

  • My conjecture: The person who killed Aarushi also killed Hemraj with same weapon. The reason why Aarushi was killed is also the reason why Hemraj was killed. The place where Aarushi was killed is also the place where Hemraj was killed. These two killings are intricately related. In a fit of rage this crime occured in an unplanned way. That is why there was no vehicle to dispose off the body of Hemraj. That is the reason why it was hidden on the terrace. Most probably the killer had decided to dispose it off the next night but due to excessive media presence, that plan was abandoned. Now how to get rid of Hemraj’s putrifying body? Enter the super detective Mr Gautam, who in few minutes discovered Hemraj’s body. It is important to note that the CBI report stated that “it was not a coincidence that Mr. Gautam found Hemraj ….”

  • Dear Anon,
    I have been following this case very closely since May 2008. My screen name is the same … Samir Thapa. It will be very difficult to pose a question that I will not be effectively reply about Aarushi. I just want that the Talwars should have a fair trial …. no conjectures, no speculations. Hang them if they are guilty, respectfully exonerate them and restore their reputation if they are innocent is my attitude.

  • dear thapa, from whom u r expecting justice? God or judiciary!

  • Dear Anon,
    For Talwars, right now the Judiciary. Later God.
    If people like you who care for Talwars give up even before the trial has properly begun, the truth will not come out. The truth will come out only if proper arguments take place and if their is a real fight in the courtroom.
    Have faith in yourself and have faith in the Judiciary. Some of the sharpest minds we have among our judges. Cheer up …

  • dear sameer, whatever may be the outcome but hemraj just ruined talwars.

  • on top of that, talwars r paying the price of keeping mum in the begining under instruction of UP police.

  • Dear Anon,
    There are two parts while thinking about the Hemraj.
    1) His conduct – – – IF indeed there was an intimacy with the beautiful and innocent child named Aarushi, he is 1000% responsible for it. IF he has abused a child it is despicable to say the least. IF this is true he deserves the worst punishment. Now all this is suspicions, not facts and based on IF.
    Just because of Hemraj’s conduct or what the parents suspected, Rajesh cannot blame all his employees and frame them. Krishna or Raj Kumar or Vijay should not be paying a price for the conduct of Hemraj. Or were these three people framed so that the Talwar couple could save their skin?

    2) His death – – – He was killed by Rajesh Talwar. Period.
    It was a BIG mistake to hire a live-in male servant when a girl child is in the house. Even though Hemraj was vouched by the previous servants that was not enough. One never knows …

  • dear sameer, just wait & watch. i am sure about krishna & vijay mandal involvement along with talwars.

  • Dear Anon,
    Sure I will wait and watch. Talwars defense team will try to cast reasonable doubt, I am aware of that. I wish Rajesh Talwar would speak the truth, tell the court the reasons and circumstances under which he killed Hemraj and Aarushi.
    There is a reason why the parents have been chargesheeted. Perhaps they could not destroy the circumstantial evidences …

  • dear sameer, cleverest of criminals can destroy material evidence but not circuimstantial evidence. i have my reservations against dinesh too.

  • If evidence is there that he tried to influence the post mortem doctor, then he can be charged for “abetment of crime”. Nobody saw him at the Talwar’s apartment on that night, so he cannot be charged for anything else … in my humble opinion.

  • dear sameer, who knows who were hiding in talwars flat/terrace that night.

  • Dear Anon,
    Aside from the parents and victims, there could be mosquitoes, bedbugs, spiders …. Had it been a Christmas, Santa Claus could be there. Had it been Halloween, some old witches could be there ….

    Let the judges make decisions. You know why I say this because they are the people most qualified to make judgement. Let us just wait and watch

  • my dear sameer, u r a genius who suspect talwars!

  • please let me know if the innocent girl gets justice. and would pray my got to help her get justice and let the truth be infront of every on

  • mady, can’t say who was innocent. talwars claim they were fast asleep. rest r the stories by media & people worried about aarushi only, not hemraj.

  • first thing dey shld hav investigated the phones calls those who dey nabed tat 3 guys, 2nd dey shld hav checked all the phone calls frm tat area which r the calls incoming & out going calls tat particular day r tat nght were talking often frm tat aera tower. i sucpet may b tat 3 guys. no body illl kill thr own daughter wat ever it may, i feel so sad tat parents were blamed by police. who knows the former servants dey would hav made dublicate keys n kept. &dey would hav made deal with supari. plz check tat days phone call list n check tat 3 guys phone call list .plz find the who is tat blacksheep N give freedom to talwars. police shld hav asked tat area Autodrivers r cab drivers tat nght if any 1 travelled by 12am to 5 am. r dey shld ask any 1 purchased any surgical items frm any shop, u shld hav called all this prson n questioned i am sure u shld hav got som clue. u plz even try if it is pissible.

  • Her cell phone was found in a park. Why would parents disposed it off in a park? Her vaginal swab was exchanged with another woman. Only the person who raped her had a reason to let switched the swab, of course not the parent. Boyfriend repeatedly called and messaged her on that evening even she already broke up with him. She was not answering all his messages and calls 15 days long. In this park where the mobile was found, they both used to spend their times after school.
    So, who is the real rapist and killer!!!
    Her mobile was active on the 16th around 00:30 am near Mayur Vihar. Now guess who was living there..

  • Obviously the parents are the culprits, the Scotch bottle was found, not the glass. So the bottle was planted to make it look like someone was drinking. Furthermore the bar was concealed so only an insider could have access to the bottle. It was all pre planned

  • off cores parents, all other just supposed to divert case, but I don’t think its a fault of their, its fault of situation as media said sexual relation between victims is right,
    its not uncommon on society , but its not truth none parents can see their beloved children in this situation, but the steps taken by them is wrong , she does not worth to got murder, defiantly she was a slut, but aggressive nature of parents, drink, and arushi herself tends situation to this condition

  • Dear suddu,

    Go and learn some english first then tell the world how big slut the little girl was. Shame on you

  • How can perents killed their child when they were planing for her 15 th birthday.
    For good TRP ratting even media forgotten their responsibility.
    And if rajesh n nupor did that then why they will be put hemrajs body on Terrence.
    It is clearly injustice to thos perents

  • It’s a shame on the face of media ,police and constitution that to not understand a simple logic behind this killing case.
    N put the perents into the prison for there single dearest doughters killing case

  • Meghna Gulzar and Avirook Sen are on mission to save Talwars. Good for Talwars. Talwars and CBI’s notorious Arun Kumar were hell bent on putting innocent servants behind bars but some how that plot failed.
    Creating sympathy wave and harping on ‘NOIDA cops botched up the investigation’ worked partially in their favour. Twitter/Facebook class quickly were on Talwar’s side.
    Thanks to Internet. All older news and Narco test on Krishna’s video proves again that Talwar’s and only Talwars likely to be the killers.

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