Yumi’s cells: A unique take on human cells

They say the human body has 30,000,000,000,000 cells. The new K drama Yumi’s Cells weaves a beautiful story around human cells ( no you don’t see 30 trillion cells) and explores a myriad of emotions and feelings.

The story revolves around Yumi who is single and wants to date a younger coworker. But things take an unexpected turn and the younger coworker arranges a date for her with a guy named Wung who is neither handsome ( in a traditional way) nor has a great sense of fashion ( again in a traditional way). And their first date isn’t that traditional either!!

I really loved the story revolving around Yumi’s cells – the fashion cell, the reasoning, and yeah, the hunger cell…and many more. Oh there is a face cleansing cell as well ?

As the story progresses you get acquainted with Wung’s cells as well and how they influence his decisions. Let’s see how the story ends. So far the drama has been brilliantly directed.

PS – There’s a perfectly irritating coworker named Ruby. She kind of grows on you with her idiosyncrasies.

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