Why Did God Create Arnab Goswami? The Nation Debates On Twitter !

Why God Created Arnab Goswami? The Nation Debates On Twitter

God created Heaven and Earth. Now, the nation debates on Twitter why did He create Arnab Goswami. Take a dekko!

After creating this complex world, GOD was worried that who will decide what is right and what is wrong? So, HE created Arnab Goswami. – Shailesh Mahanta

I hope the next episode of Satyamev Jayate focuses on how Arnab Goswami has been terrorising the country for years. – Lindsay Pereira

‘Why? Why? The nation demands an answer!’ — Arnab Goswami to waiter at Shiv Sagar, after being told the idlis are over.-
Lindsay Pereira

Arnab Goswami was created to balance Manmohan Singh’s silence – Frootifer Vajpayee ?

If Arnab Goswami and Dolly Bindra get married.. Their kid would be d most advanced sound system ever built on d planet, noe? #Zoke – SS Sodhi

Arnab Goswami is trending.. ‘Why? Why? The nation demands an answer!’ – Ebin

Ecological Balance : One Manmohan Singh for every Arnab Goswami – Against_Pseudos

Arnab Goswami calls Vishwanathan Anand Czar of Cricket World, in chess you call that ‘Check-yourknowledge-Mate’ – SHAWNN ARRANHA

Arnab Goswami should change his twitter Bio from ‘Fearless’ Journalist to ‘Hearless’ Journalist. #EnoughSaid – Eccentricandhow

Arnab Goswami has decided to keep ‘maun vrat’ on 30th Feb. The day would be observed as World Peace day – Ramesh Menon

Annu Mallik and Arnab Goswami are long-lost bros. #Ramesh-Suresh #Ram-Shyam. – Jerry Tommy

If you ever see a picture of Arnab Goswami with a closed mouth, that camera has a good sutter speed and #YouKnowItsMadeInChina – Prakhar Gupta

Arnab Goswami ko CID mein dalo. “Times now investigates” – Blahhh

Wish there was an android app to keep arnab goswami quiet… wud be bigger than saving battery life or angry birds – Mind wellness mantra

Rajinikanth once completed his sentence in an Arnab Goswami interview. – Archana Dalmia

Breaking News: Arnab Goswami insures his throat and neck for 50 crore rupees – Faking News

To calculate the longest Arnab Goswami has ever paused, Mathematicians r working on a device that can record time in nanoseconds – Vikram Bhalla


  • In a country of eunuchs and fundamentalists, a REAL man was born. We know him as Arnab Goswami.

  • arnab goswami will slowly but steadily, sooner(or later) prove himself the biggest foooooooolish anchor having such a long shelf life

  • Good things always come in threes- so we got Subramanian Swamy to expose the politicos; then we got Swami Ramdev to expose his chest and then Arnab goSwami to expose the rest.

  • Arnab Goswami,through his speaking skills explains dynamism, dignity and power.

  • I think Abhi likes Politician’s crap more than Arnab’s cross questioning on crap politicians.
    Have you seen politicians sweating before anyone else.If you can make them sweat, and make them apologize for what they do, you should always put your energy in writing such articles.

  • Arnab Goswami is doing good as an anchor by picking the burning issues and bringing those in nation’s notice. However, I would appreciate if he could provide a bit more space to the news hour guests to put their veiws forward and not dominately imposing his own view.

  • Arnab Goswami is doing a great job. The way he question the politicians is just mindblowing.I have never seen arnab silent, when he makes his queries the most irritating and grumbling politicians remain with their mouth open as if what to say.And the way he make them accept his points and apologize is appreciable…

  • Arnab is exposed now, my suggestion to him is to look for a cover after May 2014, since Congress will not be here to protect him.

  • Haha funny, speaking frankly Arnab Goswami has become an addiction for me. Couldnt but wait till 9.00 PM just for News hour. Some jokes here


  • Arnab is the BEST. We need many more like him if we want to bring Indian Politicians to the Book . And Navika is his source

  • Yeah that’s true. But sometimes he needs to let the other person speak too!

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