Tired with non real problems

The ac has conked out. My maid did not come for the last two days. Iam pissed off with my driver, so I kicked him out. Now I travel in bus and autos and taxis and rickshaws. The doctor says that I have to lose weight and restrain myself from eating spicy food ( I love having food from shere Punjab, I have to stop that now) For the past few days, Iam suffering from mild depression, not being able to get proper sleep. The dentist says that I might need a root canal. I think I should go and get my eyes checked, but the doc is not in the town. I think I need a laptop now, Iam bugged with my old desktop. I need a new antivirus, the current one is about to expire. I have to increase the RAM, I need a technical person who can format my comp.

I have been through a thorough back stabbing. I have been interacting with people who are master at mincing their words (grrrrrrrrrrr). I have to meet the deadline. I have soooooo many commitments to fulfill. Sometimes I feel that I need more than 24 hrs in a day. The bad weather has taken its toll on me. Humidity is drowning me. My back is aching. My digestive system is disturbed. I have to take a hell lot of medicines. Sometimes, I forget to take them on time. I think Iam becoming forgetful. There’s no end in the sight…….there is no help on the horizon.

Today when I think of these problems, I feel that they are not real. The problem that I faced yesterday was for my breath. . I had to take a Zofer 4mg injection. At that moment I was fighting for breath and not fighting the blues. Iam happy that Iam living. Thanks GOD for helping me out.

I have promised myself that I won’t be worrying about unnecessary things from now onwards.

At this juncture I remember a quote saying ” It’s amazing how storm clouds recede with a little change in one’s perspective.”

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  • Wow!! that’s a real practical post.
    Life is like a prism .. that color you see depends on the angle from which you look at it.

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