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Whatever be the identity of the killer of Scarlett Keeling, the fact remains that he/they remain unpunished. What happened on that fateful night still remains a mystery…..why was the second autopsy report different from the first one? Why she had five after-death abrasions on her face, back and shins and had sand stuffed in her mouth and throat.

No one knows the answers to the above mentioned questions but what everyone knows is Scarlett was not a “good” girl and her mother had 4 partners.

The Goa government’s take on the Scarlett case is…….(Iam at a loss of words here….oh BTW the good news is the Govt is ready for a CBI inquiry) .If we look carefully at some of the statements that were earlier given by the Goa government and its spokesperson, you would notice that the whole blame is put on the mother, Fiona Mckeown and on the deceased girl. If the girl had been “good”, then she would not have been raped and murdered…..this is what Mr Minister had to say “How can a mother, let her minor daughter go out so late in the night?…. Tourists should take care of themselves.” I also saw some comments on various blogs like “Scarlett was wasted, she was just 15, yet she was having sex…..” So, it is not a surprise that she was raped. Now my question is – can all these comments justify what was done to Scarlett? So, does it mean a girl covered in veil won’t be raped but a girl in a bikini should be raped?

I have another question to put forth. Much has been said about Fiona’s bad parenting. She left Scarlett alone in anjuna with a 25 year old tourist guide and his aunts. This was a mistake which she has accepted and she will be fighting this demon for the rest of her life. But no one is raising their voice against the bad parenting of the miscreants. People who can rape a 15 year old and stuff her mount with sand, I am left wondering what kind of parenting did they receive?


  • I believe a lot many people look for some kind of mask to do away with their social obligations. And the best way is to simply accuse the victims in these cases. I wonder if their statement would remain same if, god forbids, any one of their family falls prey to such rapists.

  • This is a very sad to know that the minister said like that. If this type of incident happens on regular basis then no foreign visitor will go to visit GOA. And we should feel ashamed of ourself as an Indian. Those who raped Keeling should be hang till death.

  • This reminds me of the famous saying ‘human beings are animals’. Truly we are..till we fail to tame that beast with our rationality & wisdom. Religion & knowledge had been two powerful weapons to beat that demon within us..but quite often we notice its ugly horns piercing our conscience to pieces..

  • Very strong opinions. I agree with you that many of the things said by government or police doesn’t make sense and I agree with you that crime is a crime irrespective of the person on whom it is done.

    But there are some more dimensions to it:

    1) It is easy for any criminal to commit and hide away with it when compare to the job of a police to catch and protect. Its like we doing something bad in our house when hiding from parents. Isn’t it easy to hide it from our parents? Yes it is ofcourse, police are no exception, they have a big family to take care.
    2) Our judiciary system needs to be a little better. I am afraid to support our judiciary system because of many things. It should allow a fair trial of any case. A criminal getting away is a motivation for another criminal to do a similar act.

    I won’t write more else it will become bigger than your post itself :).


  • Antonio Bristow

    I still wander how can a minister say like this. It is not the only occasion when a minister came forward to utter these kind of words. I believe if CBI starts a fresh enquery, it is possible to take the culprits into custody.

  • I believe it is not too hard to solve a case like this. CBI has the efficiency to do so. But depends….

    I must say our government and judiciary system is responsible for what has happened. BDY I liked the way you stated this…

  • Sayeri Bhattacharya

    The Govt. should take a strong step against these incidents.If CBI inquiry starts then may be the 15 year old girl get a proper justice.

  • What to say on this, I really don’t know. I don’t consider those guys to be human beings, who commits a crime like rape(some peoples are alive because its illegal to kill human beings). Really ashamed of living in the same country with those criminals. The government is equally responsible, as they are trying to turn around the case saying that scarlett and her mother is responsible for this incident. They are supporting the criminals in this way, it might be that the criminals are their relatives.
    With a government like this I am afraid that these incidents would be repeated again and again, and each time victims should be blamed and criminals will play freely.

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