Ram Kapoor, Sakshi Tanwar, Bade Acche Lagte Hay and Twitter

For the ignorant ones, Ram Kapoor is a TV actor who stars in a Sony TV serial called Bade Acche Lagte Hay. Now the important part Рwhy was he trending on Twitter? Well, after sneaking  into some of the tweets I gathered that Ram Kapoor along with his co-star Sakshi Tanwar did a dhamaal love scene on TV.

Apparently this Ram Kapoor isn’t your usual M&B kinda hero – tall, chiseled body, dark, green eyes n all that. Rather he is the male version of 9o’s actress Shilpa Shirodkar!! Well, no offense meant to Ms Shirodkar.

Ram Kapoor Sakshi Tanwar

Anyways the love scene was tweeted by many (seriously!!) and also discussed was Ram Kapoor’s weight and how Sakshi Tanwar managed to bear it ūüėõ

So, here’s a rundown on some of the funny Ram Kapoor tweets¬†that¬†I came across –

  • RamKapoor is the top trend .. Spare a thought for the 9 below … Crushed !!!¬†Madhuchhanda Bose ?
  • Breaking: Due to popularity of¬†RamKapoor and Sakshi, Sony to cancel the CID saga n show this particular episode of¬†#BALH for 2 months…Swapnil
  • Ram Kapoor shedded a few drops nd it pours in Delhi. Wah !!RJ Dipp
  • That’s not¬†#thunder! I told you guys,¬†Ram Kapoor has gas!¬†#sorry Pranav Sapra
  • Ram Kapoor = that toad-like fellow?Shiv Aroor ?
  • What Hollywood couldn’t do, Indian TV did. The Incredible Hulk: Bruce can’t do it with Betty. Bade Acche Lagte Hain:¬†RamKapoor does it!Parthajeet Sarmah
  • Tonight, Ladies and Gentleman, the nation wants to know,¬†RamKapoor ko Bade Kyun Acche Lagte Hain. ~ Arnab¬†Biswajeet Rana
  • People asking me what did¬†RamKapoor do? Well, he did Sakshi.Rofl Indian
  • I assume when¬†RamKapoor got laid, all the ugly, fat guys in my class started cheering, hugging, holding each other and crying.Naaz D
  • RamKapoor is trending. What did he eat now!! Last heard he thought the taj mahal was milky barRahul Nanda
  • That awkward moment when¬†#BALH production people call a crane to separate¬†RamKapoor from Sakshi Tanwar after that love making scene.We_Wake
  • Q: What is the opposite of¬†Ramkapoor? A: Kareena¬†kapoor.¬†#size0”¬†Trendulkar
  • My mother refused to call me at 10 coz apparently fat¬†RamKapoor is goin to fornicate with his even fatter wife in some teevee show.Namelass
  • That awkward moment when¬†RamKapoor looks under the sheets and asks “Have I made it large?”¬†#BALHManali Purohit
  • Along with¬†@TheBroknScooter the list of things¬†RamKapoor broke include Sakshi Tanvar ‘s bones, a few beds and a couple of couches.¬†Shashank Shekhar
  • BREAKING :¬†RamKapoor‘s images to be used by scientists to improve fertility in female elephants.¬†Lord Nonchalante`
  • RamKapoor is trending. That is simply not a problem for him. Trending, after all, is not like bending.¬†Madhavan Narayanan ?
  • ‘Umeedon waali Dhoop ; sunshine waali aasha’ is being picturised on Mr¬†RamKapoor to motivate Indian middle aged men to ‘Rise & Shine’¬†Akash Gautam
  • If v have a crush on someone v wud like to hug them but 4¬†RamKapoor its d opposite.If he hugs someone he wud have had a Crush on them.¬†Comedian Praveen ?
  • RamKapoor also stars in Agent Vinod. Saifu added him as a balancing Agent to compensate Kareena’s size zero.¬†Sumit ?

Updated on 13 March 2012

BTW it’s not the first time in the history of Indian TV that the protagonists are shown doing intimate scenes. Remember Kusum and Abhay from Kusum, the lead pairs from Kahin diya jale kahin jiya (most¬†probably Payal and Rohit played by Prachi Shah and Mukul Dev),¬†¬†the Bhagyavidhata lead pair et al!! BTW the most adorable confused¬†couple on Star Plus Gopi and Ahem are still waiting for the creatives to give a nod to their suhag raat!! I think ¬†Gopi and ¬†Ahem have been married for 2 years now and the audience is still waiting for them to manaofy their suhag raat. What’s the word,¬†pathetic, is it?

So, what’s special about Ram Kapoor and Saakshi Tanwar love scene that it was tweeted by many! Well, ¬†the answer is – none of the above mentioned pairs did a lip lock scene. And Ram Kapoor and Sakshi Tanwar did it! ¬†The love scene which ran for 17 mins was nothing more than a hippo making whoopee!! No, not with a female hippo but with a goat. Besides the¬†lip lock, the scene had ¬†candles + a romantic song being played in the background (I still can’t¬†believe¬†they played In lamhon ke which ¬†had Hrithiik and Aish) + a bed. Also, it featured Ram Kapoor in the act of removing Saakshi’s clothes + jewelery and drooling at the same time!!¬†But despite so much effort, the scene didn’t ooze romance. Instead it had ¬†ENTERTAINMENT + CHEAP THRILL written¬†all over it.

You can check out the much tweeted Ram Kapoor and Saakshi Talwar’s love scene here-

Now speaking of romance on TV, I remember a very cute scene between Kanwaljeet and Deepika Deshpande in a DD serial called Farmaan. Super romantic it was. The girl was an employee and he was a nawab I guess. And she didn’t know he was her employer and he didn’t know that she worked for him. They met at a family gathering and she was decked up in a very¬†traditional¬†outfit. They entered into a ¬†verbal spat and the hero kissed her …I know sounds stupid and very Mill and boon kinds. But the way it was shown was reallyyyyy cute.

This one is just for fun! Hope it doesn’t happen to you on your wedding night ūüėõ



  • Ram Kapoor and Sakshi did it!! OK so what? Seriously why was he trending on twitter?

  • Ram kapoor over Sakshi Tanwar. Is she even alive after the excruciating torture

  • it was a soft porn out and out. tv is supposed to be watched with one’s family……how does anyone can watch such stuff with kids and family around?

  • Ignore Ekta Kapoor and her madness. Her TV soaps are known to be silly and pathetic. Tulsi and Mihir, Parvati and Om and not to forget so many plastic surgeries, marriages and then remarriages and then divorce….

  • Very well done, sakshi ur expressions are mind blowing, both of you have acted vry naturally !! Honestly, I’m sure everyone has NJOYED .. just that, we are not used to see in soo much details, and it’s vry obvious ke parent’s and children feel uncomfortable watching together !!!
    Alltogether .. Hat’s off to Sakshi, Ram and specially the videographer for showing us each and every single details .. BRAVO !
    I would like to add, last but not the least, Sakshi your acting is so natural, in all the episodes, and your expressions so true, your eyes tell’s us everything, when you cry, you cry whole heartedly, and make us cry also.
    Ram, when i see you, you remind me of my son, who is gol matol like you, your acting is also vry natural and innocent .. The best part is both of you are amazing .. Your love for each other is Mash’Allah nazar na lage .. ??

    I have a request please if i can get sakshi’z email adress.
    Would like to drop her few lines.
    Thanx in advance !

  • Ram u toooooooooooooo gud yr nd u r soooooooooooooooooooo cute

  • ram u tooooooooooo gud yr nd m a big fan of u………

  • very frustrating to see the cat and mouse game.

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