7 Places from where ideas come

Did Einstein wake up one morning with the idea of discovering the theory of relativity? What about the Microsoft? Did Bill Gates get a dream or some angel whispered the idea into his ears? From where did these great and world changing ideas come from? I thought of asking our big G uncle about these eureka moments and look what I found out:

Social media sites: Sites like facebook, orkut, WAYN, tagged are hub of activities. You might be feeling that I am asking you borrow (or in worst case steal) someone else’s idea. But this is not true; remember that all new ideas are created with the help of the existing ones.
Forums: In web forums you would find discussions on varied topics. From democracy in Nepal to how to choose a stiletto for your kitchen, everything is there. You can pick up your ideas from here. Hey its not copying its called getting inspired 😀
Blogs : Get ideas from fellow bloggers. Word of caution here: do not copy their mistakes. 😉
Google alerts: Thousands of ideas are zipping across the net. Google alerts help you in bringing together. Google alerts is one of my personal favorites when it comes to idea searching.

If you are thinking that the world of web is the one and only generator of ideas, then you are wrong. Here is a list of other ways that can aid you in generating “one of kind” ideas.

Everyday conversation: Ideas can crop up anywhere. While talking to your wife, colleague, friends, boss or even the kid whom you give private tuitions. Therefore always keep a notebook handy, so that you can scribble it quickly.

Sheer frustration : Ideas can hit you anywhere, even at times when you least expect them to hit you. Don’t believe me. Read this story:

“Whenever Mike Pratt hit his Salt Lake City health club, he started his workout by wrestling a too-big gym bag into a too-small locker. One day Pratt — a high school graduate working as a car salesman — pried out his bag, drove home, and headed for the drafting table he had acquired to support his design hobby. Using cardboard, scissors, and tape, the 24-year-old athlete created the model for his dream duffel. He shaped the rectangular bag not only so that it would slide into a standard gym storage unit — measurements he’d obtained that same day by calling several manufacturers — but so that it would easily hold shoes, a water bottle, and toiletries. And unlike most soft-sided bags, Pratt’s prototype surrounded a durable rigid frame that made it easier to access the bag’s contents.” Now, Pratt runs a company called Ogio International that manufactures gym bags, backpacks and golf bags as well. So, the crux of the matter: “Think out of the box”.

Sleep: Hmmm don’t glare at me. It’s true. Many people get ideas when they fall asleep. This isn’t just my assumption. Researches say that when brain is in the relaxing mode then it gets ready for the subconscious to take over. At this time our brain becomes more open and would try to resolve the irresolvable and in the process comes up with remarkable ideas. So, the next time your boss asks you to do a brainstorming session to get more ideas, just say “Sir can I go home and take a nap?” 😉

Its important to get ideas but equally important is to act on them. So, when an idea pops into your head try to implement it.

Hey guys, it’s time for me to sleep now . ciao!!!! See ya soon 🙂

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  • Hey nice post. Good tips specially the sleeping one… i would love to get ideas by sleeping.

    Wazz up?? where are you?

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