Masala & Malaria Win Nobel Prize

It’s Malala, Masala or Malaria? Wait! What’s the name of that Pakistani girl who won the Nobel Peace Prize this year? The name is Malala. Malala Yousafzai. But thanks to auto correct different versions (some of them unbelievably funny) are doing the rounds on social media.

malaria naomi campbell


The super model fell prey to auto correct (or not? that’s for people to guess) when she congratulated Malaria (Oops! Malala) on her Twitter and Instagram accounts. Minutes after she posted the message the Tweeps started what they do the best!

Some funny Malaria & Naomi Campbell Tweets


Naomi Campbell malaria

naomi malarianaomi


She tagged @malaria in her Instagram post 😀 Well, that’s quite an awareness campaign on Malaria that Ms Campbell promoted on social media. Someone, even tweeted

Suzanne AzzOOOOOO! ?@TheAzzo Oct 10
Malaria is now trending in London. Naomi Campbell is going to start a mosquito-related panic. 

Back in India we saw Jackie Bhagnani ( who Jackie Bhagnani? Arey that actor in Youngistan. What Youngistan? Ok.Whatever!) congratulating Masala for the Nobel Peace Prize.

jackie bhagnani malala


Just one more thing – It’s not called Noble Prize! It’s Nobel Prize named after Alfred Nobel. To get a Nobel you’ve to do something noble. That’s it from me for today. GN.


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