Madhuri Dixit is getting waxed at Tussauds! She does mani & pedi @ Eiffel Tower


I am a big Madz fan and was quite excited when I heard that her wax statue would be included in the Madam Tussauds. But my excitement soon became a roller coaster ride of laughter and digging up Wren and Martin – courtesy newswallahs! Two biggie newspapers (India Today and Headlines Today) carried the story with a super headline that said Madhuri Dixit to be Waxed at Madame Tussauds. So, Madz goes all the way to Tussauds to get her waxing done! My next question – where does she go for her mani and pedicure? To Eiffel Tower! And BTW since when Tussauds became a celebrity beauty parlor?

Seriously, whoever wrote the headline did not know the meaning of the word ‘waxed’  or was trying to be funny in a lewd way.  Then there was this Bollywood portal called desihits which posted a video with the headline –Video: Madhuri Dixit is Getting Waxed! While going through these headlines a thought struck me – Madam Tussauds should have zeroed in on Anil Kapoor! What helluva news it would have made – Anil Kapoor getting waxed at Tussauds.


Let’s see what does Oxford dictionary tell us what does ‘waxed’ mean when it’s used as a verb –

1) Cover or treat (something) with wax or a similar substance, typically to polish or protect it: I washed and waxed the floor

2) Remove unwanted hair from (a part of the body) by applying wax and then peeling off the wax and hairs together: she waxed her legs when necessary

So, going by the headlines it means either Madhuri is getting covered with wax!! or she is going to the wax museum for yeah, you know hair removal! Sounds, gross, doesn’t it?

P.S. – I am not  a grammar nazi.


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