I am not going to get married in Aruba!

Before I explain you some laws of useful writing consider the given below paragraphs, they are about the places to get married in Aruba:

Before -> Total words: 287

“Do you want a Caribbean wedding? Then, you are welcome to Aruba Wedding Destinations. Ideally situated at the coast of Central America and towards the north of Venezuela, Aruba is the “Pride of the Dutch Caribbean”. Unlike the typical Caribbean region weather, Aruba has a dry climate and a dry, cactus-strewn background. The population of the island is estimated to be 80% mestizo and 20% other ethnicities.

Sun drenched beaches, warm tropical breezes, and year-round warmth of the sunshine makes Aruba a perfect location to enter into wedlock. Having a destination wedding in Aruba can be thrilling as well as romantic. Just fantasize hearing the words “I Do” in a secluded island ……just two of you amid aquamarine crystal clear water and gentle tropical breeze whispering sweet things in your ear. Doesn’t that sound great? But now turn that perfect tropical wedding of your dreams into a reality. Aruba is one of the finest romantic destinations in the world and surely one of the greatest places on earth to get married.

You can tie the knot at seaside parks, beach retreats, ritzy hotel ballrooms, five star hotels, villas, scenic restaurants. Couples generally look for a locale that’s unique and original and would make their wedding an event to talk about for years to come.

The wedding locales in Aruba also provide wedding packages including a minister or celebrant, bridal flowers, decoration of the wedding place, assistance in legal requirements, champagne toast, a candle lit dinner and a limo ride. Specialist wedding photography / video services are also available to capture the wonderful moments of your life. To make your tropical wedding as pleasurable as possible given below are some of the amazing vow taking locales in Aruba.”

After scrolling down four paragraphs the reader actually gets to know the places to get married n Aruba. The reader will leave the page in frustration ( that’s what I would do….if I had to get married in Aruba) OR ELSE he will certainly change his plans of marrying in Aruba if he lands up on this page.

As I told you all that I recently read Krug’s third law of usability, so thought of implementing it. This is my take on it:

After -> Total words: 38

Aruba is one of the finest romantic destinations in the world and surely one of the greatest places on earth to get married. We have listed some of the amazing vow taking places in Aruba, have a look.

The law says, “Get rid of half of the words on each page, then get rid of half of what’s left” (thanks to Steve for the mantra). I am still trying to get rid of half of the words. Can anyone help me in it?


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