Kindle is Kind & Amazon is Amazing

Last Sunday at 11:30 am my life was divided into two parts – life with kindle and life without kindle. It all happened when my handbag fell down. The bag was unzipped and the kindle was in it. And then came the sound – the sound of broken glass. I picked it up and saw the screen. It was broken. Yes, I knew it but still tried to restart the kindle several times hoping that it would get OK. But every effort of mine was wasted as the screen did not return to normal.

With a gasp I kept staring at the kindle. I had no clue how to fix the screen! Several questions popped into my head – how do I replace the broken screen? How will I send the kindle to Amazon for the repair? Will Amazon repair it? And the last big question – Why did I leave the bag open?

With all these questions churning inside me I logged into my Amazon account and emailed them. When you are having a bad day, you are really having a bad day. With my mind completely absorbed into fixing the broken kindle screen I completely forgot about the egg curry I’d left on the gas. So, my Sunday was not so funday with a broken kindle plus a half burnt lunch.

Anyways, on Monday I got an email from the Kindle Support Team asking me to call them. I phoned them but the number was of Amazon’s UK team. The person from the support team listened to the problem and transferred the call to the US team. Well, it’s because their US team handles all the global problems/queries whereas the UK team is only for the UK Kindle owners. Well, there were a few times when the phone line at my end got disconnected but at the third attempt I could talk to the US Kindle Support Team.

I explained the problem to them – the top half of the screen showed portion of a screensaver and the bottom half displayed the text. The text was getting updated when I turned the pages but the top half was showing the screensaver. (As you can see in the pic)

Amazon’s entire process of handling the problem was very organized. My Kindle was covered by warranty and the support team said that they would send me a replacement in a week. Well, they sent me the replacement in 4 days…from USA to India! One word to describe Amazon’s service is – Amazing.  Now all I have to do is to send my old Kindle back to them.

After this Kindle episode and the way Amazon’s Kindle team dealt with it I am now an out- and-out Amazon fan!


  • Coool… Congratz…. Reliance Store should learn something from Amazon “With Big Powers comes Big Responsibilities… the responsibility of their quality and service”

  • Very true Rana… what amazes me is the fact that they sent the replacement in 4 days from USA to India!!!

  • And Reliance store is few miles away and they take a whole month to acknowledge that something is wrong…

  • Will share something with you…when you coming to office?

  • Amazon’s CSR is simply wonderful. My kindle won’t start even tried charging but no help. Called the kindle guys and they were very helpful. Gr8 experience

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