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My Letter to Indane Gas

Dear Indane Gas,

On 2nd August 2011, I booked a  cooking gas (LPG) refill through online booking , it was accepted and I got a message immediately that my dealer has been informed. I also got a booking reference number in the same message.  17 days passed since I booked my cooking gas but there was no delivery.  On enquiry over the phone, the dealer told me that there was no booking in my name.  I tried to go back to you but there is no way I can find the status of supply –except that one line remark “it is under process” –this was the status I got  around 17August. I really had a taxing time getting back to you with my complaint. Though you have a website!

Yes, you have  a website but did you ever check whether all the features work on it or are user-friendly? The feed-back form on the site is designed in such a way that I had to scratch my head for almost 15 minutes to convey my simple problem. BTW after all the head scratching I filled in the feedback form but till now I have not received any message from you. I had also tried to call your customer care department, if you have any that is. But for that I had to search the relevant section for 15 mins. After searching frantically on your site I found out the customer care phone number. I called them but no one picked up. Let’s put it in a simple way – Indane Gas, your website is hard to navigate and it’s equally hard to fetch information from your site.

BTW after all these efforts I am yet  to get my refilled cylinder and it is already 25 days after my booking.

Now, I have a few questions for you –

  • Do you have a system of checking compliance of order booked on line by your distributors?
  • Is your responsibility over after taking the order?

Now the surprising part comes  from my Indane distributor. He says that neither on 16th nor 17th August there was any refill order for my consumer numbe. In fact there has been no order for the last 120 days. Now, here’s another surprise. I also booked a refill order through SMS – I was given a order number and was told that I was supplied a refill cylinder on july29 – where from they got the date when my distributor tells me that there were no refill order  for the last 120 days from my consumer number and which is almost correct as I checked from my refill receipt book – So, whom did they supply the cylinder on 29th July?? Or the dates are just to deceive consumers that Indane’s SMS system sends abruptly?

As always yours truly


To all the Indane Gas Customers – Is it I who is suffering alone? Or there are others as well? If there are others then let’s gather all our Indane Gas Complaints especially regarding their online booking system at one place and ask these questions – Did Indane Gas after installing the online booking system even bothered to check if the system even works or not? Besides the system –did they depute someone  to take feed back from the Distributors  about the compliance of refill order through centralized system including online booking. Even BSNL has a system for generating compliance report – why can’t you, my dear Indane follow BSNL?



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