Celebrating Friendship Day

HAPPY_FRIENDSHIP_DAY_ First thing first –wish you all a very happy friendship day. So, what are your plans for today? Well, I will be celebrating with two of my very special friends who have stood by my side through thick and thin and will do so in the future too. While writing this post suddenly I stumbled upon a Spanish proverb – “Life without a friend is like death without a witness.” So, true! The mere mention of a life devoid of such special people whom we call friends is enough to make me hiss and groan.

But I don’t intend to tax my brain or yours with such distressing thoughts because “thinking” is a very time consuming affair. One thought leads to another and it goes on…and I am short of time today as I’ve a bumper to-do list lying infront of my laptop and, of course, every bit that’s written on the list needs to be done before I leave for dinner with my dad and husband. Yes, two very special friends of mine. To those, who are thinking “what’s wrong with her? Friendship Day with Dad and husband!” my reply is – why not dad and husband? Nine out of Ten girls before getting married tell this one sentence to their girlfriends –“I am marrying him because he’s my best friend.” And this one’s favorite with the guys –“Friendship is the foundation of every successful relationship.”

If that’s true then why do guys hang around in bars with their boyfriends where as their wives trot around shopping malls with their girlfriends on Friendship Day? Also, there’s one more question that keeps on bothering me a lot and that’s -Why can’t we celebrate Friendship Day with our parents? Aren’t our parents supposed be our friends? One of my cousins studying in the eighth grade was very prompt in her reply and said “going out with parents today is zany…see, it’s not the in thing.” I said “Oh!” with a confused voice and hung up on her and started with the post.


  • Celebrate every moment with your friends, irrespective of whats the occassion. Lets not limit our celebration to parties and eating. For my mom and dad, the biggest celebration these days is the one day in week when we go and visit them, they have so many things to tell and I feel so sad that I have no time for them the rest of the days …. Parents and family are special friends …

    friend wifey chalo abhi treat do, happy friendship day par …

  • well said Aji 🙂

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