I have my first spam

I am so happy today. After almost one month of daily blogging (almost daily, I have 26 posts by now) I got my first spam post. I am delighted.

My first spam

Many people were asking me this question, “Abhi, did you get a spam yet?”. I used to sadly say NO!, now I can shout YES!

First spam means a lot to a blogger. Damn it! I am getting popular now. How did you react to your first spam? Do share it


  • That was a great experience!
    I just didn’t understand that it was a SPAM

    Though I don’t remember what it was about, I remember to have wasted almost an hour reading it and trying to figure out what it meant….:D

  • Yup antara…it is my first spam…….hurray !!!! my blog is getting popular 🙂

  • congrats .. i suggest you to use Akismet . it has blocked some 60K spam comments for my site

  • Heh……Congratsssss……

    @Antara – not everything is meant to be serious.. 😉

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