How to find supplemental index ratio?

Recently the technical people of our company were talking about supplemental ratio (almost a new thing for me….though I had this notion that supplement pages are duplicate page.) I was very curious to know what is this supplemental index ratio and how one can find it. I contacted our technical heads to know about it (We surely have smart technical brains to answer almost all the questions)

How to calculate supplemental index ratio?

  1. Go to google and search for , example .. It says 36 results (This includes all the pages regular and supplemental)
  2. Now do* example* (It says 8, this is the regular pages only) OR even you do a search in aol for (It also says 8)
  3. Now (36-8)/36 = 28/36 = 77% is the supplement index ratio for, which may be quite high.


You can use (this says 75% but it might be some other datacenter for the total indexed pages as it says index pages = 32 instead of 36)

Supplement pages are not all that bad these days but still you can get a better ratio. Tedster explains what a supplement page is all about.

Other important discussion about supplement results:

  1. Supplemental goes mainstream – July 31, 2007
  2. The Ultimate Fate of Supplemental Results – December 18, 2007

How to reduce supplement ratio for your site?

I did it as experiment* to see the pages that are tagged supplement now I will like to eliminate it one by one. I offered my site to our technical team for experimenting with supplement results as it is quite new. I will post more about the pages that have gone to supplement results.


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