Dogs Who Are Social Media Superstars

From Mark Zuckerberg’s  Beast to Obama’s Bo & Sunny – the list of celebs who love their canine friends is endless. What’s interesting to see is the popularity of these four-legged furry guys; their fan list is as long as their owners’! So, there’re celebs and their celeb dogs.

And then there’re star dogs who made their owners celebs

Thanks to the world of sharing, likes, comments, tweets, retweets, and pins that these unknown canines are now super-famous, and so are their owners. Dave Fung & Yena Kim of Menswear Dog, Amber Chavez and Jon Huang the owner of Manny – are now busy handling their canine’s modeling gigs, merchandise, events, charities, and book launch.

15 Dogs Who’re Social Media Superstars

Let’s check such few star dogs who get million likes on their photos, have verified profiles on social media, get snapped with the rich and famous and the media is crazy about them.

1) Beast


beast zuckerberg

Beast’s one lucky guy. He can code along with some of the best brains who’re working for his dad, can check what Mark’s checking on his Facebook account and can pee on Facebook’s office floor.

His Facebook Page – Beastthedog

2) Boo


boo world's cutest dog


With 17 million+ likes on Facebook this 9 year old Pomeranian has done a lot of things that even we can’t imagine doing. Well to begin with – he has a picture book dedicated to him titled Boo: The Life of the World’s Cutest Dog, has a line of toys and is the official Pet Liaison of Virgin America. His Facebook profile says My name is Boo. I am a dog. Life is good. There’s a lot of speculation as to who’s the owner of Boo who we only know as “Human”. Different media reports say that the “Human” is Irene Ahn of Facebook.

His Facebook Page – Boo

3) Manny The Frenchie


Manny the frenchie


His is a classic rags to riches story. He was adopted when he was 4 months old. Apparently no one wanted him; Manny’s current owners bought him at a discounted price of $900. He’s nothing short of an internet sensation now – thanks to one of his videos, where he was sleeping in sink, went viral. Now Manny has launched his business which includes t-shirts, hoodies and greeting cards. He’s followed by the likes of  Victoria’s Secret model Shanina Shaik, rapper Lil Wayne, and singer Christina Milian. With 1 million + likes on Facebook and 829k followers on Instagram he’s undoubtedly the world’s most followed bulldog.

His Website – Mannythefrenchie

His Facebook Page – Mannythefrenchie

His Instagram Page – Mannythefrenchie

His Twitter Page – Mannythefrenchie

4) Minnie and Max the Pugs


Minnie and Max the Pugs

They’re known as the internet’s cutest head tilting dogs. Their Facebook page has amassed 1 million + likes and on Twitter they’ve over 16.3 K followers. Their rise to fame is credited to a head tilting video which till date has racked more than 6 million views.

Their Facebook Page – PugHeadTilt

Their Twitter Page – MinnieMaxPugs

Their Instagram Page – Minniemaxpugs

5) Jiff – The Fastest Dog On Two Paws


jiff dog


This pint-sized Pomeranian dog is a Hollywood actor. He’s starred in Katy Perry’s music video and holds 2 Guinness World Records. Jiff can run 10 metres on his hind legs in 6.56 seconds and 5 metres on his front paws in 7.76 seconds. With over 1 million fans on his Facebook + Instagram pages this cute pooch has his own fashion line.

His Facebook Page – Jiff

His Instagram Page – JiffPom

6) Tuna


tuna melts my heart


This Chihuahua-Dachshund mix is an Instagram sensation. He’s known for his severe overbite and quirky look. From an abandoned pooch to owning his own merchandise and now a book – this underdog with the overbite has surely melted many hearts.

His Instagram Page – Tunameltsmyheart

His website – Tunameltsmyheart

7) Maggie May


Maggie May


This Twitter superstar is Andy Murray’s dog. She tweets selfies, photos of her adventures with her brother Rusty, her dad’s trophies, and she also loves tweeting pictures of hers with celebs.

Her Twitter Page – Maggiemay_hem

8) Cookie Frankel


Cookie Frankel


She’s the BFF of the reality star Bethanny Frankel and is a Twitter superstar.

Her Twitter Page – Cookiedabooboo

9) Toast




She’s no less than a fashion icon. From Karen Walker to Prabal Gurung she’s known to have donned designer clothes and accessories in her effortlessly chic style. This Cavalier King Charles Spaniel  was used as a breeding dog at a puppy mill and was later discarded. She was rescued by a New York city personality Mr Onassis. When she was found all of her teeth were rotted and had to be removed. It was Mr Onassis who took her to Milan Fashion Week in September 2010 where she charmed the who’s who of the fashion world with her permanently wagging tongue (the wonders of having no teeth!). And as they say the rest is history. Last year she launched her line of summer tote with accessories brand Iomoi.

Her Instagram Page – Toastmeetsworld 

Her website – Toastmeetsworld 

10) Marnie




From living on the streets of Connecticut to being friends with Miley Cyrus this 12 year old Shih-Tzu  has seen a lot. She’s one of the most popular dogs on Instagram. You can read her biography on Tumblr.

Her Facebook Page – Marniethedog 

Her Twitter Page – Marniethedog

Her Instagram Page – Marniethedog

Her Tumblr Page – Marniethedog

11) Bodhi – The Menswear Dog




What started as a Facebook joke is now a sensation in the world of fashion. Meet Bodhi – who’s modeled for Salvatore Ferragamo, Coach, Todd Snyder, and ASOS. The handsome Shiba Inu dog has featured on and Complex. Do check out the fashion advices he gives in his new book “Menswear Dog Presents: The New Classics”.

His Tumbler Page – Mensweardog

His Instagram Page – Mensweardog

His Facebook Page – TheMensweardog

 12) Oprah Winfree


Oprah winfree

That’s rapper 50 Cent’s dog. No point guessing after whom he’s named her! The dog’s Twitter profile says 50 Cent’s bitch!

Her Twitter Page – OprahTheDog

13) Neville Jacobs


neville jacobs

He’s Marc Jacob’s dog. Period.

His Instagram Page – Nevillejacobs

14) Muppet




She’s Toast’s sister and she calls herself “the Jan Brady of dogs.” She redefines sibling rivalry.

Her Instagram Page – Muppetsrevenge

15) Norbert – The Therapy Dog




Watch his videos and you’ll forget your worries. This tiny 6 year old has released a book titled ‘Norbert: What Can Little Me Do?’

His Facebook Page : NorbertDog

His Instagram Page – Norbertthedog

His Youtube Page – Norbert

Want to add some other names? Share the names in the comment section.

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