Difference between male and female brain

On this day of love I was thinking (ohhhh!!!! the guys reading the post might me having this thought ” you can even think”) about the things that make men different from women. And look what I discovered ! Read it carefully

Male and female brain

In a hospital the relatives gathered in the waiting room, where one of their family members lay gravely ill in the ICU. Finally, the doctor came out of the ICU looking tired and tensed .

“I’m afraid I have to tell you the truth,” he said as he glanced through all the worried faces. “The only hope that is left for your loved one at this moment is a brain transplant. Though it is very risky but it is the only hope. You don’t have to worry about the costs, the insurance will cover the procedure, but you will have to pay for the brain yourselves..”

The family members were silent as they were grasping this shocking news. After a long pause, someone asked, “Well, how much does a brain cost?” The doctor quickly responded, “$6,000 for a male brain, and $300 for a female brain.” The situaton turned a bit awkward. Men in the room were trying hard not to smile, by avoiding eye contact with the women, but some actually smirked.

A man unable to control his anxiety, blurted out the question that everyone had in their minds, “Why is the male brain costlier than the female brain?” The doctor smiled at the man and explained to the entire group, “Oh we follow the standard pricing procedure. We had to reduce the price of the female brains, because they’ve actually been used.”


  • Well said..
    There is no single doubt ’bout that!

  • @ antara

    Yes it is the ultimate truth! lolz!

  • The most common thing that a woman is caught saying is that a man never tries to use his brain properly. I absolutely detest such women. They don’t have a wee bit of concern for the men out there. how can they say such things? all i can request them is to be a bit more compassionate. after all, how can they use something they never had?

  • I must say you have a very good sense of humour… this was a very funny article…. keep it up 😉

  • i wonder if the person who was ILL lived after that or not… 😀


  • one more point u should add…female brains need not to think about Tax returns much, as they get exemption more than a man gets.

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