Dabangg:It’s a Tweet War

Sorry folks for not updating my blog regularly. Work’s been very busy lately, though, I’d wanted to post it the day I saw Ms Shobha De’s tweets on TV. Honestly my first reactions were “Huh! People follow Shobha De?”

Anyways let’s go back to her tweets, because they made headlines this time! It seems Ms De didn’t like Salman Khan’s comments about 26/11 attacks and took to her Twitter page.

She tweeted “Salman K’s shocking statement abt 26\11 smacks of arrogance,ignorance nd plain stupidity.A lame apology won’t do, Sallubhai.Boycott Dabangg!” And after a few weeks she again managed to draw a bit of attention but this time not with her tweets but with her pen. Here’s what she wrote in her weekly column: “Rajnikanth and Aishwarya Rai in Robot outshine Salman Khan and Malaika Arora Khan in Dabangg, respectively.”

It apparently didn’t go well with Arbaaz khan and he (no he didn’t call a press conference!) didn’t spare Ms De this time, on Twitter that is. Seeing the long list of his tweets I personally feel Arbaaz wanted to bash Ms  De for ages (May be ever since he was born) but didn’t get a chance. But now since he got one, he didn’t waste it!

  • Hey guys what’s your opinion on Shobha De a writer of sleaze and pornographic novels. She writes a lot of shit about salman and malaika’
  • ‘Her claim to fame is marrying some rich industrialist. I’m not sure if its 3 or 4. Pl lemme know’
  • ‘Mr De hold on to your money or shobha at 60 can still compete with Elizabeth Taylor.’
  • ‘One thought that age makes you wiser but unfortunately its not happening in the case of shobha who is 60.’
  • ‘Shobha’s opinions on my family reeks of bias, jealousy and frustration. I have have ignoring her comments for the longest time but no more’
  • ‘This idiotic woman had recently said ban Dabangg. Who the hell is she. Is she the god damn law. She’s a frustrated sleaze writer. That’s it’
  • ‘If this woman was not to write about celebs she would not even be entertained.’
  • ‘Honestly I hate to give people like shobha any importance but she’s been writing personal,biased stuff 4 the longest time. Enough is enough’
  • He then re-tweeted some of the responses he got, where people bashed Shobhaa.
  • He then tweeted: ‘Hey guys thanks for all the support. Honestly I hate stoping down to the level of shobha de but she was asking for it for the longest time’
  • He signed off with: ‘Buddhi badnaam hui darling mere liye 🙂 hahahahahaha’

Shobha De Vs Shahrukh Khan

Coming to Shobha De, I think it’s not the first time she’s got a bashing from a celebrity.  After Mumbai attacks she’d ridiculed Shahrukh Khan’s stand, to which the actor had said : “She’s a joke. She can’t be taken seriously. I mean, I like her, but at the end of the day she’s cynicism dressed in a designer sari. She doesn’t know what she’s talking about. She wakes up every morning and decides who she should target that day, so that she can sell a few more sarees. Nobody can tell me what to do. I live my life with piety and honesty. I feel sorry for Shobhaa.”

Shobha De Vs Deepika Padukone

A few months back she took potshots at Deepika Padukone after she won Maxim’s sexiest woman’s Title by writing : “Deepika P is the ‘sexiest woman on earth? Are they kidding me? She would not win a Miss Dombivali contest. I mean, look at her closely. Go on: jawline? Too wide. Eyes?Bulging. Hair line? Untidey. Speech? Verni.” Well I don’t know if Deepika reacted but Ms De’s not-so-cool remarks about Sonam Kapoor’s lingerie photo shoot was not taken by the B –town’s Masakali Girl in a light-hearted way. The actress not only defended herself but also Deepika by saying : “if she (Shobha) thinks Deepika is ordinary then she sure needs to wear glasses. Her eyesight is failing her.”


  • Some people are self proclaimed experts on any and everything under the sun. Shobha De is one of them!

  • Bhanu I read it somewhere that ” Shobha De is the elite version of Rakhi Sawant” 😀

  • shoba de is a mad old woman

  • Shobha De is a frustrated and unintelligent old woman. Her only saving grace is that she married a rich man with whom she has no chemistry. That is her frustration. However she enjoys the financial status which she could have never achieved on her own.
    She says Deepika is ‘verni’. Ha! Ha! Shobha herself is the very essence of it. She has passed her prime in every sense and should realize that opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one And no one wants to listen to her opinions on anything.
    If people want to get bitchy about her and her family they can. But most people who are beautiful and successful are too classy to stoop to her level.
    Get out Shobha De. Deepika, Sonam, Aishwarya etc. are too good to be true and you just can’t accept that.

  • Deepika is drop-dead gorgeous… What she said on Koffee with Karan about Shobha was correct! There’s a dignity in criticism and if you have the power to right, you can be correct about your facts, but you don’t need to be nasty, personal, vicious or bitchy about it.
    Deepika is a wonderful girl and a great actress; Sonam is a cutie with sparkling good humour and fantastic substance; Salman’s got a heart of gold; Arbaaz is controlled, cool and kind…
    Shobha’s outright, boldly bitchy and incorrectly upfront! At least, state facts if you are! But she’s tho lost her mind!

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