Dabang with Salman Khan in a heroic role is shamelessly entertaining!

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dabangg Dabangg means fearless but seeing the response of the junta I feel it should be renamed Besharam – shameless. As it’s     shamelessly humorous, mad, zany and what not! But after 2 hours it’s a complete paisa vasool! It’s not your run-of-the-   mill honest cop and goon story. I say so because our hero is not an imandaar (honest) cop instead he makes money by    robbing bank robbers (!) and gives the money to his mom. But he’s not selfish. As he gives a portion of the money to his  fellow cop saying something along these lines “sarkar ghayal police wale ko pachas hazzar ka inaam or uski bewa ko  ek lakh rupae deti hay…aap pehle poice waale ho jo apne hathon se ek lakh rupae ka inam le rahe ho”. So, this corrupt  cop is UttarPradesh ka Robin Hood aka Chulbul Pandey and is up in arms against the local gunda Chedi Singh.

Dabang the movie, review

Don’t miss the dialogs 🙂

With stylish, well-fit formals, ubercool dark sunglasses and yes, thin and trimmed moustache our Chulbul Pandey looks like a million dollars. Salman definitely looks younger and cuter with moustache…and with Dabangg fever already catching the people we can be sure of guys catching with the moustache fever very soon.

Dabang Meme se yaad aaya

It had a few memes, lines like ” kamini se yaad aya”, Salman’s dance step with belt up and down and many more Haramzaade se yaad aaya ki aap yeh trailer dek sakte hai 😉

Besides look, action sequence and style the movie is crammed with tongue-in-cheek, witty dialogues – they will make you clap and whistle – it’s guaranteed and I’ve seen it and that too in a multiplex! In a funny way Dabangg also breaks the myth that the multiplex crowd doesn’t come to whistle, clap and hoot! I tell you, yesterday night was different. The crowd in the theater was waiting to hear the punchy dialogues they saw it on promos. Everyone in the film has got a dialogue that will have you off your seats. Who can forget Rajo’s (debutante Sonakshi Sinha) oh-that’s-a- wow dialogue: “Thappad se nahi sahab pyar se dar lagta hay”? And Chulbul Pandey’s “Chedi Singh itne ched karunga ki tu confuse ho jayega ki saas kaha se le aur P… kaha sey ” is becoming a rage.

Dabang Dialogs – Some of the best Dabang Dialogs

(This video has almost all the punchy dialogs)

And if you thought Chedi was some horrible-looking villain with protruding belly with only one job- i.e. to run around the city firing bullets then you were wrong. Chedi has a well-toned body which he shows off occasionally in the movie, he is taller than the hero and delivers lines like “kanoon ke haath aur chedi singh ke laath dono bahut lambe hay” with an almost pristine UP wala accent.

Chote Bhai aka Makkhi Singh is supposed to be a dimwitted person and Arbaz plays it perfectly. Also, Dimple Kapadia who plays the quintessential 70s ki maa and Vinod Khanna who plays the role of Chulbul’s step father are fun to watch.

Am I forgetting something to mention? Oh yes! The songs, all of them, are simply superb and are rocking the music charts.

Though the film received mixed reviews it still is a superhit. “Dabangg has superhit written all over it”- this is what Mumbai Mirror wrote. And every word of it appears to be true. Well, if we believe trade experts the movie is likely to overtake 3 Idiots’ opening collections. And the good news is – it’s already smashed 3 Idiots’ first day box office record making INR 14 crores where as 3 Idiots made 13 crores on its first day. Leave aside the dailies, tabloids and trade experts, even the great Paul Octopus has predicted the movie will be a super hit!

So, it’s a happy ending for the audiences as well as the movie makers. Toh ab koi kuch nahi bolega…khamosh 😉

P.S. this is for all those who can never get over with the Dabang fever

Songs of Dabang – Salman khan in Dabang

(Check out the dance steps by Salman Khan in Dabangg.)

(The entire nation seems to be grooving with Munni;)

(Rahet Fateh Ali Khan mesmerizes you with Tere mast mast)


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