It’s a buffalo on ebay

It was 4 in the evening and the weather outside was frosty. The sky was laden with heavy clouds and everything seemed gloomy. You know the kind of weather that makes you want to cuddle up in front of fire with a cup of coffee and Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights. But wishes don’t always come true, do they? So, I was sitting at my office, staring at my laptop screen or rather at the write-up on ox car sticker (What is an Ox car sticker BTW ? Don’t ask me!) waiting to be edited and then a press release to be filed…

Well, was trying very hard to concentrate but all of a sudden BB (my colleague+HR) came bursting into my room and said “email ta check koro!” Very obediently I opened the inbox and saw a message from our Creative Designer and an image of a buffalo! “What’s wrong today? As if dealing with a write -up on Ox-whatever wasn’t enough and now I have to excruciate myself by going through an email on Buffalo?” grudgingly I muttered.

Anyways I opened the image and clicked on the link. And I saw a buffalo being sold on ebay! A young black buffalo which gives 20l milk per day. Pretty efficient I would say. Though the stuff was funny it made me wonder what if such things (you know selling cattle) become online. Well, the thought was voiced by one of my colleagues who hails from Uttarakhand and said “ Mere ghar mey teen bhais hay. Agar mujhe kal ko koi bhais bechni hay aur online bechne ka option hay toh phir isse better option kya ho sakta hay.” If we can sell  coal online then why not cattle?

BTW ebay India has removed the listing.

The image was shared  by many on Facebook, if you missed it then don’t worry. You can take a look at it here 🙂

Buffalo on Ebay



  • LOL! And there are 2 bids on it already 😀

  • Hey there, can anyone able to provide info on free eBay software which can auto-bid just as the auction ends? (I cannot remember what this is called. Thank-you

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