An honest prayer

Dear God

I am doing good, so far today I have not shouted, I have not spent hours on phone, I have not complained whiningly, I have not gossiped, I picked up my bedroom, I did not charge a single penny on my credit card, I was not selfish, not greedy and did not even touch my chocolate.

But I will be getting out of bed now and I think I really need your help then!

One comment

  • I better help you to answer following prayers:

    @Servents – God, please no shouting today, please help her control.
    @Husband – God, help her talk to me .. not shouting the sales people on phone
    @Cook – God, help her like the food, atleast today
    @Neighbours – God, teach her speak the truth
    @Dad -God, I still hold a joint account on the credit card, you understand what I mean right, so please help her

    Now go to sleep

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