Aarushi Talwar: How We Killed A Dead Girl?

Let’s face it! From TV channels, newspapers to bloggers – each and everyone has used Aarushi Talwar as a punching bag, attacking her for having 3 boyfriends; having an active sex life; making 300 calls a month to her friends; having profiles on Orkut and Facebook; allegedly having an intimate relationship with her servant and last but not the least having an incestuous relationship with her father. There’s so much that is horrid with regards to how a certain section of media has portrayed this sad story. My earlier post ‘Who Killed Aarushi Talwar‘ clearly shows how news channels unearthed and speculated some baseless stories so that the case was filled with all the filmy masala.

But 24*7 news channels were not the only ones who raised questions on Aarushi’s character or her upbringing, in fact the blogosphere was active with Holmes and Watsons, with stories on how Aarushi’s parent were busy partying and didn’t spend time with her which prompted her to get intimate with Hemraj (Talwar’s domestic help who was also found murdered) and many other such unintelligible and gross theories.

For instance, a blogger called Gaurav, wrote his so-called intelligent opinions on this case on his blog. Take a look at what he thinks of the Aarushi Murder Mystery.

  • It appears that Dr. Talwar, with the knowledge of his wife, had an incestuous relationship with Aarushi.
  • Sexual acts with her was perhaps broadcasted/videos shared with other pedophiles/sexual perverts around the world.
  • Since little girls are not very comfortable with such things, Aarushi might have confined this to Raju, their ex-servant, before. He disappeared mysteriously only to be found dead in a drain a few days later.
  • Aarsuhi might have been the love child of Dr. Nupur Talwar.
  • Motivation for killing her could have been Aarushi being in emotional and subsequently being in a physical relationship with Hemraj who comforted her taking advantage of the young age of the girl. And that she was increasingly in danger of spilling to the outside world as to what was happening in her household was the nail in her coffin. Maybe, her growing older and continued defiance was the reason why she was killed with her supporter Hemraj who was like a father figure.
  • Noida/UP Police theory is most certainly right when they pointed a finger to the ‘kind of relationship’ Hemraj and Aarushi, a fortress bound teenager much abused by her father and privy to the swinging acts between her parents and a ‘other families’.

This jerk even has the guts to write “Risking libel I hazard a deduction” before he starts jotting down his ramblings which he calls deductions. Yes, dear Gaurav, the modern day Sherlock! You can go ahead with your stupid deductions and even publish a few more points as no one will file a defamation case against you. The poor parents are fighting for justice and the girl is dead!

Anyways, aajkal blogging is all about showing off how creative you can be and lemme tell you Gaurav you score 10 on 10 in creativity. You have a vivid imagination and if Ekta Kapoor happens to read your post she will surely rope you in!

Well, there were many like Gaurav, who got to play the role of Holmes. Here’s another bloviating Holmes who with his equally mindless girlfriend ( who I think played Dr Watson here) writes how Dr Talwar was raping Aarushi and Nupur Talwar found it and killed her daughter. This is what he & his girlfriend came up with –

As a ‘regular,’ normal guy, I was stunned by the brutality of this case of a father killing his own teenage daughter… it seemed to stump all analyis. Why? I kept asking myself. The strangeness of this case left me perplexed. I discussed it for hours every day with my girlfriend, who also happens to have considerable years of experiencein Psychological Crisis-Counselling in Delhi… and and a few days ago, my girlfriend came up with her own insight on the real motivebehind the murder.I’m convinced totally now that her theory cracks this case. According to her, it was not Dr Talwar, but his WIFE who killed her daughter! Why did she do so? Because what was going on in her home was even more shocking than a male domestic help abusing her daughter… Dr Talwar was raping his own daughter!This is why he kept saying he’d “been framed for the murder”… HE didn’t kill his daughter — his WIFE did!

On that particular evening, she had witnessed her husband having sexwith Aarushi … and as a mother, she couldn’t take it. She realized that her ONLY way of permanently ‘protecting’ her child from further rape was by knocking her out and quietly slitting her throat. This fits with her strange shifty behaviour on TV, where she shows noemotion at all: she never even cries, but seems to have rehearsed her speech… she “doth protest too much”, like Lady Macbeth… in factshe looks exactly like Lady Macbeth who can’t wash the blood off her OWN hands!…

On that fateful evening, this pervert Dr Talwar must have been sodrunk that he overdid his incestuous abuse… and Aarushi must have been protesting and screaming. Hemraj tried to intervene and protect Aarushi, who may have confided in him earlier and asked for protection. And Nupur may have returned home early to find her husband in bed raping her daughter. All hell broke loose. Nupur attacked her husband and tore her child

away from him. Dr Talwar attacked Hemraj and tried to knock him out,as he was witness.While Nupur sedated or strangled Aarushi and slit her throat, Dr Talwar was in the process of killing Hemraj, to make him a ‘fall guy’ as well as removing him as witness. Finally, both Dr & Mrs Talwar killed Hemraj together. But Dr Talwar didn’t know his wife had killed Aarushi… that stunned him! Now Dr Talwar is the fall guy for the murder… because, if he reveals that his WIFE killed their daughter, he would also have to explain WHAT provoked her to do so… i.e. his Incest! Why didn’t Nupur kill her incestuous husband instead of her daughter?

Good question… Because if she did, then SHE would be accused of the murder… (unless she singlehandedly killed Hemraj too, as her Fall Guy, which is difficult for a woman to do alone!) My girlfriend and I are 100% convinced that THIS is the Real Story… We must all have the guts to speak up on this possibility… so sendin your responses please, and let’s discuss this threadbare.

May the Truth prevail!

BTW, I really could not understand why our desi Sherlock had to write that he was a ‘regular’ normal guy!

My reaction to such posts – I’m dismayed (but neither shocked nor surprised) that people have such gross thoughts about a young girl who is dead and was loved by her parents. Yes, her mother didn’t cry on TV channels, so, what? It in no way proves that she killed Aarushi.

Yes, I agree that web gives you a platform to publish your opinions ( even if they have no sense at all), show the world how creative you are, how well you can write, sometimes you can write gibberish without  divulging your real identity, you can have  an online fan base with your blog and so on…but all this should not come at the expense of others, in this case the others are –  a dead girl who was 14 year old and her bereaved parents.








  • hi there,
    I don’t understand why you categorised those two blog entries as creative writing!
    I mean even that could be a possibility. There are in reality some people who call themselves “doting” parents. Some psychopaths. I’ve personally seen a case when a father tortured his daughter mentally, physically and sexually. And the girl’s mother too supported him and victimised their only daughter. I’ve seen that couple and knew about all this happening only when my friend (the daughter i mentioned above) told me about it. Her parents seemed really loving and caring; they were such wonderful actors!

    There are so many things happening in this world which are literally unimaginable. Why do you call it creative??

  • hi mansi,

    I agree with you tat there have been cases where children especially daughters are abused by their parents…it’s SICK. However, in aarushi’s case this theory needs to be proved. And re the quoted posts I strongly feel that they are nothing but mere figments of imagination that one gets after watching a B grade murder mystery flick with lots of focus on sex and masala.

  • Can you prove your comments about the the guy and his girl friend — ‘I strongly feel that they are nothing but mere figments of imagination that one gets after watching a B grade murder mystery flick with lots of focus on sex and masala.’
    In your case its your feeling..it may not be a fact.
    Same way with that guy and his GF.

  • Perhaps the whole point of this articles is not whether the ‘theories’ being put forward actually happened or not – it is entirely possible that one of the two theories above actually happened! But until there is even a shred of proof to substantiate such theories, they are merely in the mind of the persons putting forth such theories. The point is, we are being unfair to a family which is, due to its precarious position, unable to defend itself. And to accuse them of rape, incest, swinging, falana and dhimka is just wrong. Also, these theories give an insight into the insight of these two people putting forth these theories.
    The other point, of course, being – the media should be impartial. By putting forth wild statements such as the incest, rape, adultery, etc., is the media really committing to being impartial? Or is it merely trying to increase TRPs? And the fact that our fourth pillar is so fundamentally weak is worrying.

  • Talwars fault is having male servant in his house and there are sweet teen girl in his house.Why not female servant?.

  • Awesome blog, well said Abhi

  • @Dhuv – absolutely… who are we to comment on something that we don’t even know! Who are we to say that the dead girl had an active sex life. Who are we to say that Aarushi wasn’t Nupur Talwar’s biological mother? We don’t know these things. They might be true or false but just putting forward a theory w/o doing any research…w/o knowing the background is utterly incorrect.

  • Thanks Anita!

  • “when a male and female in a isolate place, without the third,satan is the third” – wise man. hmmmmmm….

  • A child was killed while her parents slept a few feet away.
    The Talwars let us down. We too are middle class. This does not mean we can sleep so soundly while our daughter and servant are being horrifically murdered.

    There is a demonstration effect to crime. Criminals will become more bold if they believe Mothers and Fathers, sleeping ten to twelve feet away from their only daughters , nevertheless are so fucking deaf as to permit these sorts of shenanigans to occur while continuing to blissfully slumber.

    This may seem a harsh judgement. But, it is Darwinian.
    These guys aren’t so stupid they can’t get Patrick French to write in their support. They are just too fucking deaf or lazy to get out of their bed while their daughter and servant are being murdered.

    Mum’s and Dad’s who go on sleeping while their baby is being killed a few feet away are the sorts of Mums and Dads that EVOLUTION weeds out of the gene pool.

    As for Indian Jails being a shit-hole (the point Patrick French makes in his book) so are dungeons in the United Kingdom- at least those I personally maintain for people who fuck kids.

  • In Arushi cash not only arushi all other innocent girls has to face the problem when they dont have safty at their own home

    All this mentally sick, abnormal men has to hang till death

  • Its hard to comment on what exactly happened that night at Talwar’s residence. However, one thing which comes up definitely is that Talwar’s attempt to hide evidences, dress up the scene and enact in front of others.

    When did they come to know of Aarushi’s murder, when maid came? Why their first reaction was not to look for their servant everywhere around the house and just tell maid that Hemraj did this?
    Why wasn’t Police called immediately and instead matter discussed first with maids, guards, neighbours..?
    Why ran away quickly to Haridwar? Isnt getting the murderers caught their responsibility?

    So many circumstansial events make me think the Talwars are some way or other are involved in it, may be doing it, hiding it or avoiding it….

  • Arushi was an innocent girl please do not comment on her personal character.In my opinion Nupur Talwar was on high dose of medication unable to heard any thing.Dr Talwar is also seems to be innocent they might have decd up the seen only to remove the imprint of sexual assult which was incorrect Why on earth people avoid Krishna’s involvement.He is the only person other than four of family who have access to Talwars home Please show some curtsy not to involve father daughter in any grue some affair.

  • Guys, all reserve right to opine on an issue n so do abhi…der z no wrong in tat,on da contrary I do support him…u can frame a story but by publishing t u sd nt assasinate sum1s character whom u even ve neva spoken to…so let doz stories be afloated in ur brilliant brains but shhhh…dun harm othrs by publishng em…law ppl r der to tkkr of…RIP Aarushi….

  • ladies and gentlemen,

    as per indian constitution there needs to be a motive in every crime….even sherlok holmes was of the same opinion…here we dont know wht has happened to arushi…how can her parents be held responsible and given such punishement without proving the motive behind the crime

  • nothing is done without motive. we will never know but we can any story to make our point as the CBI has made. but all of us are convinced that the talvars made up the scenes after murder. so the court has upheld the decision to held them guilty. and therefore I respect the courts decision. talvars being doctors knew everything about crime and also how to get away with it. their attempt was very good but in vain. they never tried to price their innocence and only put the blame on the maids and how they would had done it.
    looking like fools in telling about finding DNA of hemraj on Krishna’s pillow or bib amount of empty alcohol bottles in the hemrajs room with blood spots and no finger tips on them. which could have easily been emptied in to sink.
    I am sure that the motive behind both murders was sex and only sex.but who having with whom is big mistry as arushis private parts were nicely cleaned.

  • If the murderer was not an outsider then how could the cellphone of Miss Aarushi land outside? and picked up unsealed from a maid a fortnight after her murder. Killer could have been an outsider known only to Aarushi and Hemraj. Possibility nr 1, Killer had access to Aarushi through the servant.
    Servants like playing big helper to the kids of their boss and hiding their secrets, either Smoking, boyfriend, girlfriend etc… Aarushi was going since 15 days through a breaking-up phase with her boyfriend, with whom she communicated 644 times in 2 month. Another Ex wanted her back.
    A third one was also interested but didn’t dare to ask her. i am 99% convinced, she became victim of a love triangle and the helpless servant of being a witness of Aarushi’s love affair with that boy,got also murdered. We must not forget there was unidentified bloody footprint/shoeprint on the terrace.

  • yes i feel the same dr. rajesh talwar must have raped his daughter..there are many psychopath men who rape their own daughters..thats why his brother attempted by all means to ask lab people not to mention rape word in report..hemraj must have been innocent victim who witnessed all the dirt going on into house..

  • no comments

  • This is my theory and I could be wrong too…

    Talwar’s were a high society family who went partying etc and gave everything to their daughter except their time and love… Arushi must have been lonely. Hemraj was a married man who lived away from his wife… So he might have groomed her,seduced her and they were having sex behind their backs…

    That room can only be opened from inside or one having key..So Hemraj must have entered only if Arushi had opened the door…Maybe that night,Arushi invited Hemraj thinking that her parents are heavy sleepers…and they were having sex…

    But Mr.Talwar woke up and went to drink water…Might have heard noises coming from Arushi’s bedroom and he used his key to open the door and caught both Arushi and Hemraj in a compromising position…

    angered that his servant was having sex with his daughter,he got a murderous rage and beat him with a golf club and killed him….By the time Nupur might have woken up…They might have tried to tell Arushi to hush this matter up as it might send her dad to prison but she didnt listen…So they came to a decision to kill arushi too…

    Arushi was killed and the body of Hemraj was disposed in the terrace and the room was wiped of evidence and they waited for the maid to discover …They thought about putting the blame on Hemraj that he killed Arushi and ran away and then dispose the body..

    Unfortunately due to heavy media presence they couldnt do so and his body was eventually discovered,by that time the evidences were cleared off and now the police has no probable case to pin them….

  • I totally disagree with you. The private parts of Aarushi were cleaned after the murder, proved by a wet circular mark in the crime scene photos. The autopsy report mentioned Aarushi’s hymen had an old tear and her vagina at the time was extraordinarily large, (which meant Aarushi was not a virgin). Now this could mean Rajesh having incest, or Hemraj having sexual assault on her

    If it was indeed Hemraj, then why will the parents try to remove the trace of his sexual assault by cleaning her private parts ? Had it been left there, it would have been solid proof that ‘Hemraj killed Aarushi after sexually assaulting her’. So this only means Rajesh was the one sexually abusing her, which is why not only her private parts were cleaned after the murder, but a day later he had his brother Dinesh Talwar call up the doctor who was conducting Post Mortem on Aarushi to remove references to sexually assault! You wrote ur blog in 2011, but see the CBI chargsheet and the arguments of the trial that convicted the parents in 2013. Right now they are acquitted not because they are innocent, but because the High court deemed that the circumstancial evidences in itself wasn’t enough to convict them.

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