55555 things a web content writer should know

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I am entering into serious blogging now. It’s been some time I wanted to make my hands really dirty with blogging. Here I am going to post 55555 (5+5+5+5+5) things a web content writer should know (In few years every one will be a web content writer, so it goes valid for everyone who is reading it. Happy reading!). The first 5 are philosophies, next 5 are tech tools, next 5 tips are about important languages, next 5 are the web content guidelines and the last 5 are important SEO tips. I hope you will find it interesting. Take your time as this post contains many links, so bookmark it for future references.

5 Tech Philosophies:

  1. Technology is not that scary as it looks from a distance. As you come closer you will feel comfortable. It’s the fear that stops us from learning the needed techie stuffs. So, take the first step and I assure you that very soon you will have a techie tag.[My smart tips: Take birth as Bill Gate’s daughter or get a techie boy friend]
  2. Technology is essential for content improvisation. It enhances your writing and helps your reach a larger mass. There are different platforms where you can integrate your blog for wider market. [A smart comment: It’s the only medium which will allow you to reach Bin Laden and George Bush at the same time]
  3. Technology is not to add complexities but to simplify things. [A smart comment: Hmmm… You may like to see this http://www.ted.com/index.php/talks/view/id/7]
  4. Technology helps in manageability, which is very crucial in the long run. You can concentrate on your content and rest of the things can be taken care by your technical tools. [A smart comment: Google knows more about me now but still I can’t avoid using Google search/docs].
  5. Object oriented approach did born as a child to C++ but can be adopted for content management and scalability. Don’t repeat content use links instead. Modular content writing is the way to an organized content system. [A smart comment: Internet doesn’t respect identical twins.]

5 Essesntial tech tools:

  1. WCMS (link)- This is where we can manage our content in an easier way. Every company uses web content management systems. We use lore. I know people using mambo and other stuffs. [A smart comment: “Where do I write my content?” is generally the first smart question a new content writer asks.]
  2. Blogs (link) – I have tried my hands on wordpress and blogspot both. It is so much fun. Every content writer should have a blog of his or her own. I regret for realizing it so late. [A smart comment: Beware! Blogging is very powerful. You can even get a death threat.]
  3. Wiki (link) – It is a web 2.0 way of handling your content. The success of wikipedia says it all. Its about Crowd wisdom over expert writing, which is considered more efficient. [A smart comment: A (informational) content that is not a wiki will die if not already dead.]
  4. Forums (link) – I call it data collection center. The value lies in data, so create a platform where people are given an opportunity to participate. Now almost every website has a forum but running it smartly needs some smart guys like Bijoesh (He is a gem when it comes to handling forums). [A smart comment: We love talking, allow web talking and collect the relevant information in an organized way]
  5. RSS/RSS reader (link)- A content that can’t be distributed easily is only 20% effective. Make syndication really simple through RSS. I use Google reader to read RSS feeds. [A smart comment: Look at my twitter, I even have a RSS for my actions.]

5 Languages for web content content writer

  1. HTML (3 days to learn)- It is a must know language for every web content writer. This post explains it better. It helps you make your article more scanable.
  2. JS (not a must but can try)- You can try your hands on Javascript also.
  3. Smarty (2 days to learn the needed stuff, rest is for programmers)- We are taught smarty (thanks to Shyama Kant). It helps in separating the programing logic from content.
  4. Wiki Syntax (5 days to learn)- This helps you keep your wiki text cleaner. Try to avoid HTML inside wiki pages. Wiki’s are not meant for HTML syntaxes.
  5. CSS (5 days to learn)- When you want to decorate your text, do it properly using CSS. The basics of CSS can be learned in just 5 days. Take the steps.

5 Web Content Writing guidelines (Guide One, two,)

  1. Write to be understood (link) – This is one guideline that defines all others. Writers generally acknowledge that their primary aim is to be understood. We recognize that it is not the readerโ€™s responsibility to understand (know how readers read on web); it is our responsibility to be clear. We also know that clarity is a complex issue, and that achieving clarity means achieving control over many aspects of language-based communication.
  2. No one reads they scan: Click here to know more. Also read “Don’t make me think“.
  3. Make it simple: Complexity exists, simplicity is created. There is value for whatever is created not for the ones that exists by its own.
  4. Build trust: With so many undesired and unwanted incidents happening in the online world, people are losing their trust. So, Building trust is important and building online trust even more mandatory.
  5. Keep improving: One step at a time can lead you really far. I use Google analytics to check the user experience of our pages.

5 SEO tips (thats all you need to know about SEO)

  1. On page text optimization is almost dead. On page optimization can be consolidated to stickiness. Know how to increase the stickiness.
  2. It’s all about how many people/websites/blogs are talking about you (See how Search engines interpret the links). Demand links and you are there on the top. So make some content really talkable. Content or link was/is a debatable issue. Some good links for links 1) 5 rare link tactics 2) topic sensitive links
  3. Don’t get involved in shady link work. Spend hours thinking like a Google guy before implementing any SEO strategy OR think what is good for your visitors and keep working towards it.
  4. SEO is a long term strategy not a short term/short cut success.
  5. SEO thinking -> If you can think what is good for readers then its Google’s job to make your site on top. Focus on 1 and 2 to make Google your true friend.

(bonus 55555+1=55556) Image modification applications/languages – I try my hands on picasa most of the time. You can try Adobe photoshop or paintshoppro. It helps. An image can speak 1000 words at a time.

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  • Hi Abhirupa,

    Thanks to you that my smarty class helped you to learn the basics.

    Your article is good and will help new writers. Make it more informative and simple

  • The post is absolutely mind blowing!
    Expecting more informative posts like this one..

  • Very informative post with jovial element added: “A smart comment: Internet doesnโ€™t respect identical twins.” This is really smart ๐Ÿ™‚

    Technology is made by man so how can it be difficult? We fear it because we dont know it. You are right when you say “Technology is not that scary as it looks from a distance. As you come closer you will feel comfortable. Itโ€™s the fear that stops us from learning the needed techie stuffs”. We can overcome that after all myths break when we analyze it pragmatically.

  • thanks@Shyama: Thanks Shyama for teaching us about smarty. It was really helpful. I will try to make more informative by adding some successive posts in the same line.

    thanks@Tatiana: Thanks for the comment. Keep visiting and commenting.

    thanks@Kinkini: “Technology is made by man so how can it be difficult?”, this says it all ๐Ÿ™‚ …. Thanks for the comments and nice words.

  • Well Abhirupa, this was a post I really enjoyed reading. The way you presented the topic is great. I found so many good links and articles in your content. Thanks for the whole lot. Waiting for your next post. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Great post Abhirupa. You’ve done really well in gathering all the related information in one place. There are good references also. This can be used as a good link bait because novice webguys would love to talk about it. Looking forward to some more like this….Great going ๐Ÿ™‚

  • thanks@Anindita: I wish I could make a good pic for this post :), missed you. Also I will love your 5 tips on optimization of images.

    thanks@Arindam da: There were a lot of people who helped me compile this post. It has turned out to be a really useful post. Your guidance was helpful. Will love to have 5 tips from you about blog optimization.

    Looking forward for more comments.

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  • Excellent Post!!

    You have really done a great work by accumulating all the information in one post.

    This acts as a perfect post for someone who is new in this field.

    Keep it up and Happy Blogging!!

  • Thank you Anirudh, I am planning to write a series on Making content simpler and scanable, please keep reading.

  • Hi,

    I believe a content writer should know more than just core content writing and some knowledge and experience in using technical and SEO related stuffs does enhance his/her career growth.

    You have provided here some valuable links:)I’ll be going through them shortly.

    good points discussed here! carry on:)

  • thanks@Susmita: Your comments motivates me to do a better job. I will try my best to blog regularly. Your guidance always helped me improve.

  • This is simple great compilation of all the required sections. A post worth a bookmark and here it goes http://del.icio.us/AjiNIMC

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  • Hi!
    I really appreciate your consciousness as a content writer.This is a source of great help for those content writers who have made up their minds to seriously take this up as a profession.

  • Thanks Jones, great to have you here. Will appreciate a small introduction at http://www.meabhi.com/blog/friends .. keep visiting

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