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Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited (IRCTC) is on Facebook. Undoubtedly, this is a commendable step that IRCTC has taken to connect to, not all the travelers though, but to a particular segment who are always connected to the internet, have Facebook account and are active social web participants. IRCTC wants to connect to the travelers who like to share and discuss their opinions with others online, visit different online forums and take part in discussions, and most importantly who use social media platforms to bring their grievances to the notice of the concerned authority.



However, not many on Facebook are aware of the page as it has just 382 members (BTW India has 25 million Facebook users and out of which only 382 travel by trains, hard to believe?). I don’t think they are doing any marketing on Facebook, which I think they should do as it will help more people know about their presence on Facebook which will give them good platform to bring forth their problems to IRCTC. So, instead of venting their anger about not being able to login to their IRCTC account or about deteriorating food quality in the railways or other problems  to different online forums they can now put across their complaints at the right place where they can be solved.   I’ve collected a few grievances people had posted and how IRCTC responded to these comments in real-time.


Here’s my colleague Arun Sharma posting his queries on the IRCTC Facebook page.

Please spread this message so that more people  learn about IRCTC ‘s presence on Facebook. Also, do comment as it will motivate me to unearth some more helpful but not-so-famous pages on Facebook!


  • good they are on fB! but hope they do something about their website, its too slow

  • Hi ,
    Am really upset with IRCTC website as i had booked a ticket on this site for my native varanasi . But unfortunenatly i had to cancel my trip due to unexpected reasons . I found that i had forgot my password and was unable to login and here started by quest to cancel the ticket.
    I first wrote an email to IRCTC website and then logged a complaint at . But there was response to my email and complaint and since the day of travel was nearing i was tensed as the amount was large as the tickets were 1st AC . Then i was told by my friend that IRCTC operates the call center and i tried to call them to no avail and after finally reaching the number i was faced with a rude agent who was not upto the mark in english and was mixing Hindi and English and also not understanding what i was saying . Finally he said that you need to call back as the system is slow .. After 3 more tries i got my tickets cancelled but it was a tense moment for me. I hope someone from IRCTC is listening …Please fix this asap.

  • Hi Ramesh,

    You can post your complaint here It’s IRCTC’s official Facebook page.

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  • i want to register irctc

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