Content Writers : First step to get a job

The first step is to take a gander at your CV. Everyweek I receive dozens of CVs from writers interested to work  for us but the depressing part is most of the applications I see are stuffed with grammatical errors and  wrong spellings.

A few weeks back I saw an email with the subject line:

“Interested for the post of Contain Writer” – this one jerked me out of my seat.
Here’s a list of errors I’d noticed while sifting through numerous CVs. They are undoubtedly annoying but at the same time they will crack you up.

10 funny resume errors

  • “I have excellent editing and poofreading skills.” Really? Doesn’t appear so!
  • “Looking to work for a company where I can nature my writing skills.”  Sorry, we don’t nature our writers’  skills.
  • “I have a strong command of English Grammer.” The writer surely needs to fix her Grammar vs Grammer problem!
  • ” Worked as a party-time writer for a web development company.” Sweetie you really had too much fun doing part(y) time jobs, I can see it 🙂
  • “Written articles on varied topics and now most of them tank high on search engines.” Tank high…hmm!!
  • “As an editor my job includes perverting news copies going out with mistakes.” No! No! We don’t deal with pervert copies.
  • “Expert at multi-tasting.” No we don’t want multi-tasters in our office!
  • “None of my articles had copy taste issues, all were copyscape passed”.
  • Martial Status: Unmarried.
  • “I look forward to hearing from you shorty.

CV errors, particularly in case of writers, leave a wrong impression. So, make sure that your CV is  grammatically correct and has no spelling mistakes.

Here are the 10 Resume Mistakes you should be careful of:

1. Don’t misspell the position you are applying for.
2. Also when sending your CV as an attachment do not misspell any word in the subject line. Mistakes in the subject line give that wrong first impression right away.
3. Do not make spelling mistakes. Take help from spell checker.
4. Typos are complete no-no.
5. Do not write sentences with different verb tenses.
6. Do not miss out punctuations. Let’s Eat Grandma and Let’s Eat, Grandma! Punctuation saves lives 🙂
7. Do not leave out apostrophes; also do not put them in places where they are not needed.
8. Do not use nouns and verbs that do not agree.
9. Write simple and short sentences. Recruiters don’t have the whole day to comprehend what you want to say.
10. Do not use unnecessary jargons, as in, Resume: Professional and functional.


  • This is so high on humor. I seriously doubt how many people bother to read or even glance through what they write on their CVs.

  • Thanks Kins for dropping by :):)

    BTW my favorite on the list is “I am a party-time writer” 😀

  • Now see this…just received this this application: “i am a content writer but i am interested in your per time job”!:D:D

  • Dropped here from Facebook and had a hearty laugh reading such glaring mistakes of those who are self proclaimed content writers. Thanks for sharing and tickling my funny bone.

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    If you know anybody whom you deem suitable for the above jobs please share my contact details with them.

    Thank you.
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