Tweets: Who is Tanmay Bhatt & Why’s He Trending?

Who is Tanmay Bhatt? And why’s he trending? My first guess “He must be Alia Bhatt’s brother” proved wrong when I googled him. Well, he’s the co-founder of  All India Bakchod…the same people behind the video Genius of the Year starring Alia Bhatt. So, the Alia Bhatt connection wasn’t entirely wrong, see! Now, the next question why was he trending? Did they release Genius of the Year – Part 2 starring Sonam Kapoor? OMG! I started scouring the tweets but couldn’t find anything sensible. They were mean, offensive and classless fat jokes.

tanmay bhatt

So, Tanmay Bhat ( not Bhatt) is trending because people across the country woke up today with a goal – they’ll randomly pick up one fat guy, crack tasteless fat jokes and make him trend. I don’t quite understand the math here.

tanmay bhat

A social experiment? An agency’s masterplan? Or whatever it’s (good or bad) my TL is flooded with fat jokes on Tanmay Bhatt.

  • Geeta Sharma ?World Food Programme says the main cause of World Hunger is that Tanmay Bhatt is eats away half of the world’s food supply.
  • Manish Taneja Tanmay Bhatt ‘s morning walks are responsible of pot holes in the roads.
  • tanmay bhatt
  • @chetan_bhugat Tanmay Bhatt is an empowered version of Aayesha Takia.
  • Champ-u-terology ?@BolshoyBooze Tanmay Bhatt makes fun of everyone.. Everyone is making fun of Tanmay Bhatt His life is taking a Full Circle..Oh wait..He is a full circle

  • tanmay bhatt
  • ?? ??? ??? ?@AapChorHain 
    Size of Jersey:
    TanMay Bhatt ( new size )
  • Shama Thakur ?@shama_thakur99  Tanmay bhatt is being targeted for he being fat or his bad jokes or both
  • Prithvi Singh @theprithvisingh  Tanmay Bhatt tweets not in 140 character but 280 character’s 😛 XD
  • Sir R ?@Sir_R_U_L 2h2 hours ago Kim Kardashian breaks the internet with her nude pictures. Tanmay Bhatt does the same by logging on to Twitter
  • ?????? ??? ?@VdesiTaau  Oxford decides to change word obesity with Tanmay Bhatt
  • Dipti ?@60mlLove ok.. if Tanmay Bhatt or anybody else gets trolled because of their weight, it’s really, really, really sad. Get a grip people.

P.S. The post doesn’t make sense. The tweets also don’t. So, stop racking your brain & get a good night’s sleep!

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