Petrol Price In India – What Are Facebookers and Tweeples Talking?

Yesterday after the steepest ever hike in petrol prices ( by Rs 7.54 a litre) the social media networking sites were abuzz with photos, tweets and FB posts – all in their own way protesting the hike and whining over the badti mehengai . Β One of the social networking sites had people sharing all kinds of funny, weird, sarcastic Β or whatever you like to term it- pictures over the petrol price hike.


After the petrol hike Batman rides over Superman!


After a Rs 7.50 /litre hike petrol bharvana = kuch daring karna. You know just like the Thums up ad!

(img source- roflindia)


A future prediction on how the way we commute is going to change.


In the near future SBI will start offering petrol loan!

(img source- Aminotfunny)


Not sure as diesel hike is next on the cards!


Kya karey petrol ka bhaav maar dale!

(img source- thehindu)




(img source-



Petrol in Sachet! The future?

(img source- clubauto)


Vin Diesel Vs Petrol! After the petrol price hike obviously it’s Vin Diesel πŸ˜€


Donkey run on petrol – an alternative mode to commute.



After the petrol hike, it won’t be car thieves but petrol thieves bothering us!


Petrol price hike and the engagement effect!


Birthday gift after the petrol price hike.

Tweets on Petrol Hike

  • Sid Mallya says out of court settlement with the molestation victim wasn’t financial in any way. Maybe they paid in #petrol.

By Faking News

  • Ashish Nehra’s parents have exchanged him for 4Lts of Petrol. By Fake IPL Player
  • Remember the car in Back to the Future? Accelerate, reach 88 MPH & it goes back in time. Then you can fill it with cheap petrol & come back.

By Rajneesh Kapoor

  • Petrol up Rs 7.5 : Pump attendent – ‘Kitne ka daloon ?’ ! Mumbaikar – ‘2-4 rupye ka car ke upar spray kar de bhai, jalana hai !!’

By Amitabh Bacchan

  • I am told Arnab Goswami wants BJP to roll back petrol prices hiked by Congress. He desperately needs time off.

By Kanchan Gupta

  • People are dying because of Petrol price hike and going to heaven but Abhishek Bachchan is not leaving them in peace there also.

By Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

  • Petrol is now so costly Bappi Lahiri is replacing all the Gold on his body with bottles of Petrol

By Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

  • Breaking: Mannapuram to come up with new product Mannapuram Petrol
  • Loan #petrol

By Unrealtimes

  • Like Mary Antoinette, the Queen would say, “If these desis can’t afford petrol, let them buy champagne”.

By Kanchan Gupta

  • Please do not smoke at a petrol pump. Your life is cheap. Petrol isn’t.

Mihir S Bijur

  • May ur Happiness incrse lyk the Petrol Price. ur Sorrows fall lyk d Indian Rupee. & Joy fil ur Heart lyk Corruption in INDIA.

By Mohit

  • Sardar ji, petrol ki price ek bilan choti kar do.

By Rashmi Dadlani

  • “Drink and Drive” should not be a problem now. After all, how many will be able to afford alcohol and petrol on the same day.

By Maninder Virk

  • Chennai Super Kings and Petrol both are trending on Twitter because nobody wants them to move up!

By Preet Jain

  • Beti:- Mom He Is Just A Friend.. Maa:- Humne Duniya Dekhi Hai Beta, 2 Litre #Petrol Jalaake Ghar Aanewala Just A Friend Nahi Hota!

By Abhijeet Patil

  • Ladies!!! Dreaming for a man to come riding on a white horse? Thanks to the #petrol price hike. Now, that is possible!

By Ashish D’Souza

  • Dear Father-In-Law, Deeply Regret taking a Car in Dowry, Plz Take Your Daughter or Car Back. Can’t Afford Both πŸ˜›

By Sshail

  • The Monk who sold his ferrari knew about the petrol hike..

By Ranvijay Singha

  • Amazing India ,we have the world’s cheapest car and the world’s costliest petrol

By Rakesh Jhunjhunwala


  • Mulayam stands vindicated !

    Long before recent petrol price hike of Rs 7 / 8 per litre , Samajwadi Party , in its election manifesto , had promised to replace all pedal-powered rickshaws in the State , with battery or solar-powered tricycles

    That means replacing 2,48,839 rickshaws registered with the Civic bodies in UP ( India )

    At a cost ( to the Government , of course ) of Rs 1 lakh per rickshaw

    Or , Rs 2,500 Crores

    But that is peanuts when compared to Rs 100,000 Crores worth subsidy that Central Government doles out to the Oil companies every year

    Then there are hidden benefits to some enterprising Samajwadi Party members , who will set up factories to manufacture :

    ? Batteries

    ? Solar Panels

    ? Power Outlets every 5 Km, to re-charge batteries

    ? Tricycles (to be supplied to State Government )

    Just watch out for the election manifesto of BJP for the forthcoming State elections in Gujarat in December, which will read :

    β€œ All petrol driven cars will be replaced with electric cars , free of cost β€œ

    It is better than protesting on the streets !

    In any case , CM Narendra Modi has already turned Gujarat into a β€œ Auto Hub β€œ of Asia !

    With regards

    Hemen Parekh

  • petrol price hike ne toh aam aadmi ki waat laga di

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