Theek Hai? Asks the PM

No, it’s not Theek Hai dear PM. Certainly not on Twitter after your address to the nation.

Tweeples did not take your Theek Hai question lightly sir, and they have their own reasons.  You addressed the nation on Monday and #Theek Hai is still trending!

Jotted down a few tweets with the hashtag Theek Hai-

Chetan Bhagat ?@chetan_bhagat

Madam, madam sorry madam, maine aise hi pooch liya #theekhai? Aage se will stick to the script. Theek hai? Oops madam, sorry..hello? hello?

Karan Johar ?@kjohar25

Silence is truly golden if the spoken word is rusted and needs drastic polishing!!! #theekhai

Vikram Chandra ?@vikramchandra

In most countries these days you can only lead if you are a good communicator. Look at Obama. In India, #TheekHai.

SUHEL SETH ?@suhelseth

When will #TheekHai and Valdmir Putin meet? At the PM’s home or on a Whiteline bus?

Sudhanshu Verma ?@Sudhanshulogy

I love this hashtag #TheekHai at least some credit to MMS for a change 😛

6 @rahulbagati: Ofcourse @PMOIndia made a blunder. He missed the “MADAM” after #theekhai

@digvijaya_420 ?@diggyleaks Spine doesn’t grow on trees. #TheekHai

Ronnie Screwvala ?@RonnieScrewvala

#Theekhai. A lackadaisical attitude isn’t going to pacify an angry country. We must act as a whole to make India a safe place for everyone.

@sonalkalra: First the govt blocks roads, then suspends ppl for reaching late. Dimaag #TheekHai?

10 The UnReal Times ?@TheUnRealTimes

That #TheekHai thing was on purpose. Dr. Singh wanted to bring a smile to people’s faces and dissipate the tension.

11 Rahul Kanwal (@rahulkanwal) pointed out: “If sabTheekHai, there’d be no reason for you to speak @PMOIndia. Wish words seemed as if they came from the heart & not from sheet of paper.”

12 sudhir tailang ?@sudhirtailang

#TheekHai ? My PM cartoon. #DelhiGangRape

(*img source – Hindu)


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