5 ways in which online writing differs from print media

After I started my career many of my classmates often ask, “How is online writing different from print media?“. Most of them know the answer (may be a part of it) but still wants me to repeat it. This time I am going to write the expert answer to this ever green question. Here are the 5 ways in which online writing differs from print media:

  1. Readability problems: On web, people have readability problems and therefore they want to scan the content fast enough before giving it a read.
  2. Way too many options: On web, we have way too many options for the same content. One needs to make a choice before reading it (making choices always offer dissatisfaction). Just writing good content won’t help, you need to make sure reader will like to read it. An article published under aboutus.com may be read more times that the same content published on a lower ranked website.
  3. Hyperlink: I feel hyperlink is a big blessing for online writing. One can divide the content into various mutually exclusive parts and connect it silently.
  4. Action based reading: On web, people want to take actions while reading. They want services, want to muddle with the apps etc.
  5. Make people participate: On web, One can use the wisdom of crowds to generate a high quality content.

There are almost another 5 reasons and I will be writing those very soon. Have a nice week ahead!


  • Something pretty new. I didn’t have any idea about this until I read this post.
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  • Thanks antara :)Its always nice to have your valuable comments on my blog.

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