Inception or Confusion?

Saturday, 17 July, 5 P.M.: We decided to watch Inception and not Tere Bin Laden as the latter didn’t gather good ratings from the critics. Here, I’ve to mention how my husband and his friends check reviews, without failing, every time they head out to the nearest movie theater.


Well, we were 5 mins late! The action had already started because I could see buildings crumbling, a string of bomb blasts and yes water flooding the buildings (from where did all that water come?) …In the midst of the annoying action scenes on the screen I turned to my husband who was sitting next to me (poor guy!) and swamped him with questions “What’s happening?”, “How much did we miss?”

I started looking at my watch and to my horror another 2 and -a -half hours were remaining!! (While I am writing I try my best to not exceed more than two exclamation marks.) So, I was in for more madness and yes more head scratching and that very thought made me unutterably helpless. Because 190 bucks gone and I was sitting in the dark theater with confused junta (who were trying their best to comprehend what was going on) and super-confused characters on the screen.

I put away these distracting thoughts from my mind and tried to focus on the movie…You see I have a can-do attitude. “I can understand this mind boggling shit” with this attitude I focused on the screen. The scene had shifted to Paris where  Leonardo was meeting an architect to build dreams for his new assignment –  implanting an idea in some corporate honcho’s mind (OK so those buildings in the first scene were designed and it was a dream sequence) Gosh! Eureka! I understood it…I felt like jumping. But my excitement was short-lived because I heard Leo discussing something like “multiple layered dreams”. As if one layer was not enough to torture us. But again my can-do attitude came into the picture. You can understand multiple layered dreams, can’t you? (To be honest, the word “multi layer” reminded me of the delicious six-layered chocolate cake I had at my friend’s place last year.) Do not think about the cake Abhi, think about the movie, instead –  that’s exactly what I thought at that particular moment.

Aside from building dreams, Leonardo was following  his wife who was dead. Truly speaking I didn’t understand who was following whom. I mean whether he was following her or was it the other way round? And yes I’ve to mention something here – the Fischer guy (I mean the son and not the father) is actually drop-dead handsome.

Anyways after 3 hours of befuddling actions ( shooting at people who were not people but projections of mind, drowning, skiing etc) the movie ended leaving all of us with one question – did someone plant an idea into our minds that we watched the movie but actually we didn’t? I would have loved if that happened! To be very honest my can-do attitude didn’t quite work here. The movie left me with a crazy headache and I didn’t understand 1/4th of the movie and 3 long hours were excruciating and agonizing. The only relieving factor was that Fischer guy with deep blue eyes 😉

Crux of the 3-hour drama- Critics are not always correct. Some even write reviews in their dreams!

P.S. If you’ve watched Inception and didn’t understand what you saw for 3 hours, then, don’t worry. Check this link. It really helped me. Now, I know the Fischer guy’s off  screen name;)


  • Inception F*ck up. I understand the reasoning behind the hotel scene being designed around a weightless concept. Because the characters are trapped in a falling van, the weightlessness transpires down a level to the hotel. Why does this weightlessness not drop to the further levels?

  • Gladys A. Davidson

    Was the whole film a dream? If so, WHOSE DREAM??

  • if the top stops spinning…. the movie is the viewer’s dream.. else its leonardo’s dream… i guess so :p

  • It is a great movie….
    no confusion…!!!

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