Friday the 13th – Fashion Horrors

When I think of Friday the 13th one image that instantly crops up in my mind is of a zombie looking Jason slaughtering teenagers. Gloomy, grim, sinister, bad omen, dark, horror and paraskavedekatriaphobia (which means fear of Friday the 13th) – are the words of this day.

There are typical Friday the 13th Songs and not to forget Friday the 13th horror movies. No, I am not going to list all the mind-numbing, silly horror movies and songs you should watch or listen on this dreaded day. Instead I have something freakier than horror movies for you.

And it’s Fashion Horror! Fashion is good but when it goes wrong it becomes a horror. Don’t believe me then take a look yourself!

(img source-ndtv)

Christina Aguilera you have got everything right! A right body, a right guy then why so wrong gown? Well, she was seen wearing this lacy gown at Grammy Awards 2001.

(img source-msn)

White shoes and the horrendous pink dress reminds me of Govinda. Is Kangana drawing inspiration from Govinda’s sartorial style?

(img source- celebguru)

Lindsay Lohan! LiLo I so liked you in Freaky Friday! But I am not at all liking your freaky too-short shorts. And what’s with the torn top or whatever you want to call it! Didn’t you earn in millions? My 2 cents- spend some money on buying clothes girl.

Britney Spears and the lace dress+body suit. An eye sore!

(img source- zimbio)

Preity Zinta what were you thinking!

(img source – Cosmopolitan)

The name is Erin Wassson, a super model and she doesn’t wear clothes!!

(img source-busybeeblogger)

Sandra Bullock is astonishingly amazing. A great actress, super looker and has a right sartorial sense most of the time (check the image below). But somehow her sartorial style went haywire here.

Rani Mukherjee undoubtedly looks good in sarees. However, she’s also carried out western dresses with elan but not this one.

Lady gaga…do I need to say more?

(img source- ndtv)

(img source- indiaforums)

The parrot Green saree Aishwarya wore in Cannes was ridiculously disgusting.

(img source – posh24)

What’s wrong with Rihanna! The jump suit, gold accessories or the hair color -what’s wrong? I say everything!!

(img source-posh24)

Is Mallika planning to murder us by shocking us right out of our brains?


  • wow!Great collection!They are the real ghosts I think.Specially the last one(Mallika).And Lady Gaga is the synonym of ghost.:)

  • Mallika photo makes the stuff more scary….! Lol

  • Lindsay Lohan Doesn’t Wear Clothes Anymore! What the thing is she seen covering her body with. Stupid Bitch!

  • has 2 b lady gaga. the woman needs some1 to tell her tat she’s a human being and not an alien. hence needs to follow human dress codes!

  • lukn at kangana one wonders whether she was attendng a children’s day party dressed as a witch to scare off the li’l ones. d garish color plus white heels 😀

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