Is Esha Deol a blogger?

When it was asked whether Esha Deol will like to follow the path of many other Bollywood bloggers like Amir Khan (He did one for Mangal Pandey as well), here is her reply (read the last para)

Esha doel and her blogger
Extract from eco times


  • Hi Abhi..
    I really liked your post..quite interesting.
    I really like reading about bollywood, filmstars, and filmy gossips. I simply hope that you would come up with more posts like this one.

  • Certainly! It was worth reading a few good things about the leading lady. Wish the entire Bollywood gets a hang of it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I can’t see anything if I see a beautiful img in the post. So pls. don’t mind if I dont write anything about your post. Gossshhhhh I have already written so many words. Sorry for that!

  • Wow, good to see your blog picking up well. Good post, soon the whole bollywood with start doing proxy blogging. I am blogger for ABC star. I guess actors will always prefer video blogging :). Keep posting such great posts.

  • Hi,

    This is my first visit to your blog. But where you were? why after a long time you are sharing your blog. You have missed many things. You could have got many good quality comments from all of us. But better late than never.

    It is a very good to see that everybody is maintaining a blog. This is very good.

    I want to tell something about your blog.
    1stly: Your blog is very cool. The template is looking very good and fresh.
    2ndly: Your posts are also very good.
    3rdly: Your image with the mustache is also looking very funny.

    Keep on posting and have some fever with the blog. If you have blogofever then it is very good for your blog. No need to take any medicines.

    Keep on posting some interesting posts. Best of luck.
    merry christmas in advance. May God bless you.

  • Esha..
    ka Nasha..
    blogging? well i thought blood (kuttay may tera khoon pi jaunga). Anways thanks for that information.

    blogger caught in her own hidden camera..

  • thanks for the comments!

  • Hi Abhi,

    Lets join the bloggers community.
    You keep blogging, but I would suggest Esha to concentrate on her forthcoming films and other Bollywood-e activities.
    After all she is the daughter the “Dream Girl”.

    Joy guru..Enjoy guru…

  • thanks@deba da: “You keep blogging, but I would suggest Esha to concentrate on her forthcoming films and other Bollywood-e activities.” .. i hope she is reading ur comments ๐Ÿ™‚

  • The post is a good one. Anyoneโ€™s audience is a group of individuals. Nothing can change it.
    Nice article written here.

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