20 Social Media Pages That Content Writers Should Follow

It’s an universal fact that every writer at some point of time in his/her career goes through the dreaded writer’s block. What about you? Do you face it often? Or the ideation bit isn’t your problem, it’s that you often get bogged down in grammar rules? Oh, wait a minute. Your problem isn’t idea or grammar? Even after writing a great copy you aren’t able to convince & convert the users. Over here we’ve listed 20 pages that’ll make your life easier as a content writer- be it ideation, grammar, content strategy or digital marketing. Enjoy the read.

1) Grammarly – From writing tips to funny grammar mistakes the Facebook page is infotainment overloaded.

Content writers

Content writers

2) Dictionary.com – Trying to expand your vocabulary then this Facebook page must be on your must – like list.

content writers

content writers

3) Copyblogger –  Their Twitter page is cramped with useful information – from content marketing to  digital commerce.

content writers

content writers

4) Grammar Girl – When to use whoever and when whomever? Is it it’s or its? Is it shall or will? This Facebook page will give you all the answers.

5) Word – Check this amazing page on Facebook. It covers words across all languages.

6) Jeff Bullas – Follow him on Twitter to know how to write & market great content.

7) Visually – Their Twitter page is packed with some amazing content marketing nuggets.

Content writers

Content writers

8) Ann Handley – Well, she’s the queen of content. Follow her & you’ll know why she’s on this list.

9) Ogilvy & Mather – The No. 1 page to check some amazing nuggets of copywriting wisdom.

Content Writers

Content Writers

10) Quora – Want to know what’s happening in the content writing landscape check Quora.

11) Adage – Viral ads, engaging copies + great digital marketing tips. Like it now if you haven’t yet.

12) Content Marketing Institute – Wise words. Practical tips. No fluff. It’s content marketing decoded.

13) Kim Garst – Follow her on Twitter. From social media marketing to writing content that sells – her timeline is cramped with amazing tips.

14) Reddit – From tools to content writing resources – you name it & it’s there.

15) Buffer – Follow them on Twitter. You’ll learn how the industry is shaping up & how do you cope with it. Must-do thing : check their marketing manifesto.

content writers

content writers

16) English Forums – It can be your life saver.

17) Econsultancy – You can find the A-Z of digital marketing here.

18) Mental Floss – Often writers get stuck because they’re waiting for ideas to knock on the doors. But ideas don’t just knock & say “May I come in?”. Writers have to chase them. And Mental Floss is the perfect place for chasing ideas.

19) Reader’s Digest – From frugal shopping tips to best foods for your brain, it’s a hub of ideas.

20) Seth Godin – Read him to follow his writing style. Short & crisp for today’s users who’ve an attention span of less than 9 seconds.

Know such more useful pages? Drop a comment. Will add to the list.

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