Finally Bollywood stripped to nothing

How do you feel when you blow off your hard -earned moolah on movies like Housefull and Badmaash Company? You feel like grabbing your hair and running away from the theater, don’t you?  Same here! Well my tryst with Bollywood garbage didn’t begin with Sajid Khan directed “Housefull” instead it was hotshot filmmaker Shyam Benegal’s “Well Done Abba” (WDA) that made me literally scream in utter disbelief. (Though I am quite confident that it ends with Badmaash Company!)

Then came “Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge” (ATKJ)! ATKJ was undeniably a relief from the pangs of pain I suffered after watching WDA. Though it was a clean and somewhat sweet comedy but it failed to recreate a “Chupke Chupke” or “Golmaal” déjà vu. Next on the line was “Jaane Kaha Se Aayi Hay”. Surprisingly (Surprisingly because the movie received bad reviews from every critic in the town.) the film was entertaining with some hilarious scenes like Jacqueline imitating the TV scenes, Pink Pussy Cat mishaps and the scenes where Rajesh and his friend try to confuse Supriya Pilgaonkar.

But the big blow came with the nonsense and absolutely ubershit fillums – Housefull and Badmaash Company (BC).

I will start with the ‘panauti’ movie first as it was released before BC. Now, the question comes why was it released or what instigated Sajid Khan to make a movie on someone with perpetually bad luck? Was he inspired by the 2006 romcomedy flick “Just My Luck” starring the Hollywood ‘It’ gal Lindsay Lohan and cutie pie Chris Pine? No, obviouslyyyy…he wasn’t! Chris Pine didn’t have a first so-called wife who left him on the honeymoon night. He met Lohan at a party where as our ‘panauti’ aka Mr Akshay Kumar meets Miss Padukone (who I think was paid in the movie not to act but to wear no clothes) in an unnamed ocean.

Now, both the flicks (English and of course the Hindi one!) have a kissing scene soon after the lead couples meet for the first time. Now here comes a big difference – in “Just My Luck” Lindy’s good luck is stolen by the English version ‘panauti’ Chris Pine but we don’t know whether our desi panauti’s luck is turned upside down or not. But we can guess yes the kiss surely changed our panauti’s luck because everything in his life suddenly became OK.

Akki managed to make Deepika fall in love with him but there was a small hitch! Deepika was misinformed – she thought Akki’s wife had died on the night of honeymoon. This bit of the movie is very similar to Ben Stiller’s “The Heartbreak Kid”.  Well, Sajid Khan must have watched tons of Hollywood flicks to get inspired ! There were other actors in the movie who were equally boring as the lead actors. So, I am not going to waste my time on writing about them.

Now, what do I say about BC? It has left me in a vegetative state. I paid 140 bucks to watch this morality teaching drama. Gosh! It was disappointing to see Anushka. I could not believe my eyes and ears …it was the same gal who dazzled in her debut performance in “Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi”. What happened to her acting skills? Disappeared or did she forget that she had to act aside from wearing skimpy clothes?

Well, Shahid and Anushka were both in the news because of their hot looks in the movie. But hey guys we don’t pay to watch  your so-called hot looks. If the filmmakers think that we pay money to watch the ‘in’ style then I think they are not aware of the existence of a TV channel called FTV…we get to see much better looking people there!

Someone tweeted “I loved Shahid’s new haircut in Badmaash Company.” I agree completely! That was the only thing in the movie that was good about Shahid.

Now the conclusion time! Please someone nominate Housefull and BC for Oscars – for making the audience cringe in embarrassment.


  • OHMYGOD… common forgive them….. for making horrible movies…do not loose ur tranquility after loosing those bucks which we can use it on KFC… they will keep making such movies there is no remedy for them.. may be one day they’ll learn to make some decent average movie… but next time we need to be lil extra cautious before shedding those 190 bucks out of our hollow pockets… coz i would love to buy Zinger burger wid extra cheese instead of spending on Nonsense Movies with extra stupidness.

  • Hey Rajesh KFC’s a good idea…I am still in shock after wasting 320 bucks on Housefull and Badmaash co. I feel the directors should pay us back for watching d movies!

  • Nice Blog! I am very choosy about watching movies in a theatre. The last one I watched was “The Japanese Wife” and the last Hindi commercial was way way back in Jan I guess…3 idiots! I need not give any reason…your blog says it all.

    P.S- I even held myself back from watching “Kites” , (though it was a Hritik Roshan starrer…:-() after reading its reviews!

  • Hey Bhanu thanks for the comment. After watching movies like housefull and BC I’ve become very cautious.

    Oh good that you didn’t watch Kites…even I didn’t!

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