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Why am I happy?

While I am penning down my thoughts tonight I am extremely happy, but if you  ask me “what makes you so happy?” I don’t have any answer. Because I don’t know the reason. Someone has rightly said that happiness is a state of mind, you can experience it anywhere and at any hour of the day. And the best part about it is you don’t have to break your head to come up with a reason “Why am I happy?” May be you are happy because you are sitting near the windowpane with a cup of coffee watching the raindrops. I know it is weird but it is what makes you happy.

And at present I’m happy because I’m blogging 🙂

Me, Sunday and my Lunch

It just happened (once again) that I was on a table full of tasty food items. This time it was different, you see and decide the difference 🙂

Table: Before I could digest the long menu
Abhirupa at Raj - Before meal

Table: After I …………………………
Abhirupa at Raj - after meal

Its been my third visit but first thali :), I enjoyed it a lot

Meta Descriptions – Almost imp

I never thought that I will be starting my blog with a Search Engine topic but while reading some regular search engine stuff I stumbled upon a post by Jill Whalen of (One who has written a lot of great SEO posts).

One of her post thats been taught to me was how to write meta description (Meta means about, Meta description means description about description). Read her latest post (a revamp of the early post) “7 Ways Your Page May Be Described in the SERPs“.

Meta descriptions are very tricky, one that is hardly visible but still can be used as the entry point for your website. DON’T SPAM, RESPECT META TAGS. Meta tags are almost useless from search engine rankings point of view but still very important from Search engine experience point of view. Those description can be the first sentence a visitor see about your website, which might prompt them to visit or reject (which indirectly is all about SEO). So use it efficiently for a greater return and experience. Happy meta addition!

This is my first post

I am not new to blogging but yet to explore it by my ownbuy coreg. Will start very soon. You can still wish me luck :).

If you know me and have a good blog please drop in your URL, it may end up on my blogroll. I am planning to write about content writing and other passions that I have.

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