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32 things about me…in no particular order

1. I was born on a rainy day. Which is probably why I love rains.

2. I ardently believe true love isn’t only for fairy tales!

3. I love playing with words.

4. I like to be squeaky clean and can drive people crazy if they mess my room.

5. I am on Facebook and yes I believe it will always be free.

6. I am scared of heights.

7. I love when I get comments on my blog. So do drop a comment.

8. I hate cockroaches and spiders.

9. Books are my best friends.

10. My de-stressing mantra – Not everything has to have a point. Some things just are. 

11. I love dogs. I had a German Spitz and I still miss her.

12. I am a Cancerian and like all Cancer gals I love day-dreaming.

13. I love chocolates especially the dark ones. And I believe there are very few problems that a good piece of chocolate can’t cure.

14. One book that I can read n number of times is Riders to the Sea by J.M. Synge.

15. No I am not addicted to tea or coffee.

16. I am a Jill-of-all-trades and master of may be hmm one or two.

17. I like real people…real as in genuine.

18. No, I don’t have a degree in Finance…but yes I was a financial writer and an editor.

19. I like to watch daily soaps on YouTube!

20. Everytime I try to blow dry my hair I end up in a mess.

21. I believe in the 80/20 rule.

22. I compulsively delete all the spam comments that await moderation every night before I hit the bed.

23. I love my family.

24. I really hate those mornings when my maid doesn’t turn up.

25. Four of my pet peeves are smoking, poor customer service, rash driving ( my driver does it) and yes listening to people who think they know everything.

26. I love music.

27. I don’t understand why people say “good ole’ days”. Because if you look carefully then there were never any good ole days. It was always the same. So, why do we constantly look back and compare our present with our past?

28. I don’t watch news on TV! It’s less news and more drama.

29. I am an extraordinary cook…well that’s what my hubby says.

30. I can’t lie! I always end up smiling I don’t know why!

31. I am atypically intuitive.

32. I love to pamper myself. It’s because I love myself.




  • Mooch ugaane ka bahut shauk hua hai kya aapko… 😉

  • u giving me a competition 🙂

  • heee heee 🙂

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  • Abhi sounds like a guy’s name..well i have commented about a few of your articles without any gender bias..I am on and off the net today (It’s a Sunday you see?)and read your articles and responded whole heartedly.I speak Kannada….how about you?

  • hi sachin melbourne

    hi..! regarding abhi..!

    Same as abc written..!

    Gender..!and kannada..! etc…!!
    sa..! B- lore- M –


  • Every girl who tends to love dog, never finds a faithful Man.

  • Aww!!!! who says so?

  • Thanks for the info! what else did the dog tell you? Can you tell me a bit about your conversation with the dog who knows may be i can write a blog post on it !!

  • Ha.Ha…finally this comment better than ur post..

  • Great blog. Keep up the good work!

  • Hey Abhi,

    I see the same passion, intelligence and creative thoughts in your writing, as i use to, Nope i don’t blog or socialize online, however i use to write a lot to my gal :)))))))) while reading your blog i could actually flow in your thoughts even before i read the next line. Just wanted to appreciate your writing style as mine was not appreciated 🙂

    Just a question, does truth needs to be sugar coated?


  • Hi Raj! Thanks for liking my blog.Re your question – no truth should be told the way it is.

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